Will, there be a reunion on Friends after 15 years?

Friends are one of the most beloved sitcoms ever, which gave rise to huge fans all over the world. On 12th November 2019, the crew scheduled a reunion on the friends cast; and planned to start it’s shooting in the mid-March in front of a live audience on the NBC comedy’s original soundstage, and they scheduled on 21st February 2020, where HBO max’s plotted on unscripted reunion special featuring the cast and entitled as” the one where they got back together,” but delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

All the cast spoke about the reunion on various social platforms; Jennifer Aniston said that” it is very sad that we had to move it again.”

It is confirmed that there will be a reunion on the cast who is featured in the Friends series and still doesn’t know the date of the release; most probably, the reunion will be expected to fall in the next year or upcoming years. 

The Friends was originally broadcasted on NBC Network from 22 and September 1994 and ended on 6th May 2004. 

Following the series, the fans never wanted to end the drama, and the makers created a Friends spin-off known as Joey, which telecasted from 2004 to 2006 acted by Matt Leblanc.

Storyline of friends 

The story revolves around six friends who are living their life in New York facing normal youngster problems which involve friendship, love, sacrifice, and slice of life.  They learn how to live autonomous without other concerns while facing failures in their personal life. 

 The last episodes,” the last one part 1 and 2″ made the fans sob and obtained the most favourite series of all time titles from the audience.  The friends earned outstanding comedy series in 2002 and ranked 21st on TV guide’s 50 greatest TV shows of all time.

Actually, Netflix planned to cancel the friends series on Netflix in 2020 but kept it there, which always stood within the top 10 on Netflix, and that made fans rewatch it more than once. 

In 2018 a trailer was published as” the one with the reunion,” which raised attention.


After 15 years of friends, finally, the crew is gonna make it happen, but due to the pandemic, the stage for the reunion also sets the rest. The big question running in our mind is, when is the reunion?

The cast who made their remarkable performance:

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel green

Courtney as Monica Geller

Matthew perry – Chandler bing

Matt Leblanc as joey

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe

David as Rose


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