Trump’s SPAC Success Is Dependent On Delivering Content

Trump’s SPAC Success Is Dependent On Delivering Content


President Trump’s Media Group’s monetary presumptions show that it relies upon conveying content like Netflix or FOX Nation employing TMTG+. Clients can disregard TRUMP Social.

TRUTH Social Income

TRUTH Social is anticipating just monetizing 5% of its clients in 2022. However, that takes a critical leap to 25% in 2023 and levels off at 26% from 2024 to 2026. (In other words, Truth Social would adapt what could be equal to 49% of Twitter’s U.S. monetization rate).

It intends to generate income in 2022 at $5.90 per monetizable client and develop that to $13.50 in 2026. The graph in the Investor Presentation shows an income of $1 million every 2022, with every last bit of it coming from TRUTH Social. It appears that TRUTH Social would not create any income until the year’s end.

While checking out 2026, TRUTH Social plans to have 21.1 million monetizable clients at $13.50 per client toward the year’s end. While utilizing a normal of all out clients somewhere in the range of 2025 and 2026, percent adapted, and ARPU, TRUTH’s income would be $258 million for the year.

Total income in 2023 is projected to be $114.1 million and $3.665.3 million in 2026. As a percent of TMTG’s comprehensive income, TRUTH Social would be around 26% in 2023, dropping to 7% in 2026. Its development is projected to slow from 326% in 2024 to 23% in 2026.


TMTG+ will require a ton of content to convey the load with TRUTH Social, giving 7% of TMTG’s total income in 2026; TMTG+ should convey by permitting and making content. Also, there should be a ton of it. TMTG+ plans to fabricate a repetitive income business like Netflix, or accept something almost identical to FOX Nation as studio conveyed shows cost less to deliver than series or once include films. Studio shows are also a lot simpler to change on the off chance that they are not conveying the required commitment.


TMTG+ doesn’t have any paying supporters until 2023 when it begins with 4 million. It then, at that point, projects development to 40 million every 2026. As a perspective, Netflix was established in 1997 and started its streaming business in 2007. It required six years, until 2013, for it to have 40 million paid supporters, and it had an enormous client base to use.

Note that Netflix had a normal of around 70 million U.S. paid endorsers in 2020 that created $11.46 billion in income. This compares to $13.64 each month per subscriber.TMTG conjectures that it can charge $5.56 each month per endorser in 2023 and develop that to $9.00 in 2026.

This means $67 million in income in 2023 (utilizing the normal of years 2022 and 2023 suppositions) and $3.2 billion every 2026. This is an enormous slope to climb, particularly when it unknown substance it will offer and how great it will be.TMTG+ versus Netflix and Disney+

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