All the details you need to know about ”The OA ”Season 3

The OA is an American mystery drama web television series which has various elements like science fiction and supernatural elements.  The first two seasons of this astonishing series are made up of 8 episodes. The OA  season 1 was first premiered on Netflix in December 2016, while the Season 2 of this series was aired in 2019.

The OA has been produced by Plan B Entertainment and Anonymous Content, whereas Batmanglij directed the show.  A young charming woman named Praire Johson went missing for 7 years in the show.  She is shown as a blind woman. After 7 years she comes back and call’s herself “The OA”.  And the most interesting and the strange part of this show is that she is no longer blind.

The series has evolved as brilliant series on Netflix. Both the seasons received lots of appreciation from the audience.  It also had created a social impact. The popularity of the show was such that a fan lady went on a hunger strike near the Netflix headquarters, requesting them to start season 3.

The creators left the series with a curiosity in the mind of audiences. It leaves the audiences curious about the answers to the questions raised in the series.

OA Season 3 latest update 

As per media update, Netflix has dropped the idea of the seasons 3. The Vice president of content acquisition at Netflix, Cindy Holland has announced the news.   She stated that “we are proud of both the seasons.” She even thanked the makers of the show Brit and Zal for the amazing contribution.  Even the OA star Jason Isaacs has also confirmed the news. He also disclosed that it was an original imaginative show, and it would be one of the best shows he has worked in 32 years.

The variety of reports suggested that there are absolutely no plans of the showrunner to start the next series. Initially, they had thought of making a movie of the next series but later they dropped the idea too.  The movie won’t be able to give a proper justification to the conclusion. It was supposed to be 5 seasons series. Another network cannot even pick up the show as Netflix is the producer of the show.

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