The second batch of three Rafale fighter jets arrive in India after flying non-stop from France, says IAF.

Rafale jets are adding in IAF to make them more strong

Rafale Fighter Jets

The second batch of three Rafale fighter jets arrive in India after flying non-stop from France, says IAF.

Indian Air Force (IAF) firepower got uplifted on Wednesday as India acquired the three Rafale combat aircraft’s second batch. These three Rafale jets started non-stop flying from France and landed in Jamnagar, Gujrat.

According to the information shared by IAF on Twitter, these three Rafale fighter jets reached India at 8:14 pm on November 04, 2020. IAF tweeted as “Second batch of IAF #Rafale aircraft arrived in India at 8:14 pm on November 04 20 after flying non-stops from France,”

These Rafale fighter jets started their journey directly from the Istres city of France. These Rafale jets go along with French Air Force mid-air refueling aircraft. IAF gave information about the jets and said that these three aircraft fleets from the airbase of Istres, France. They fly for eight hours and covered around 3700 nautical miles before landing in India.

IAF tweeted, “The second batch of three Rafale aircraft got airborne from Istres airbase in France and flew for over eight hours before landing at an IAF base. They covered a distance of over 3700 nautical miles with three in-flight refuellings.”

THE next IAF tweet was, “IAF deeply appreciates the tanker support extended by French Air Force for the direct ferry by the second batch of IAF Rafales.

After adding these three, IAF has a total of eight Rafale jet fighters in service. India and France signed an inter-governmental agreement, which says that India will obtain 36 jets of this type from France at Rs. 59,000 crore.

The tension between India and China at LAC (Line of Actual Control) is the same. After having military talks and everything, the LAC tension was not converted, and it is like the previous one.

India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulates the IAF for occupying the most challenging mission in such an organized manner.

Previously there are five Rafale with IAF, who started their journey on July 29 by traveling from Abu Dhabi to Ambala. These Rafale jets were kept in the Ambala airbase on September 10 in Union Defence Minister.

These Rafales jet aircraft are manufactured by French astrionices major Dassault Aviation. After Sukhoi jet from Russia, It is the first significant fighter plane of India in 23 years. Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria said that the introduction of all 36 Rafales would be done in India by 2023.

The rafale jet aircraft have adequate power to take essential weapons from one place to another. Rafale jets can carry the missile as well.

Rajnath Singh gave his review one time and said that this deal would be a game converter. He said that he is confident about the jet. Rafale had the latest weapon in it, like a superior sensor, and its architecture was fully integrated. It can carry around four missions at a time.

Rafale has Hammer missiles. It will also have some more weapons like Meteor, SCALP, and MICA, which increase their ability to take things from a distance.