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India introduced COVAXIN for Covid – 19 pandemics, India’s indigenous vaccine by Bharat Biotech. It is made with top companies like ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and NIV (National Institute of Virology). On Monday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, took the first dose of Covaxin at AIIMS. ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi )

After taking the vaccine, Modi tweeted, appreciating all the doctors and scientists who have worked to better people in this whole Covid – 19 period to strengthen this fight among the people throughout the world. PM Modi requests India’s public who are eligible to take this vaccine and make India Covid free.

Modi will take his second round of vaccines in the next 28 days after the first dose. On Monday, early in the morning, PM went to AIIMS wearing an Assamese mocha, which symbolizes attracting women’s blessings. Modi’s photo with his sister P. Niveda from Puducherry of AIIMS and a second nurse from Kerala is posted online.


How And Who Can be Vaccinate?

All those 60 years old and above and those between 45 to 60 years who have some illness are eligible to have this coronavirus vaccine program. Those interested in having the vaccine can book themselves for COVID – 19 vaccination by registering themselves on

You can do it on the Aarogya Setu app. In some places, you can register yourself for the vaccine by walk-in vaccination places too. India has launched its Covid vaccine on January 16, but the actual vaccine about reaching almost three crore workers is going on a slow ride.

Still, India was just able to give out 1.43 crore shots only so far. If all things go well and organized, it can fulfill the government’s plan to vaccinate 30 crore people by August 2021. From March 1, the slots to book themselves are opened from 9 am till 3 pm, where according to the availability, the appointments can be booked by those in need any time before 3 pm.

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States With Higher Number Of Cases:

Talking about India’s current COVID cases, it is under control in most states. There are few states where there are no cases at all. With the upcoming second phase of this vaccination of covid, there are mainly 8 states right now in which the matter of concern is still comparatively high.

The states are Kerala, Punjab, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and cannot ignore Gujarat cases. In the first phase of the dosages, the Government plans to execute nearly 1.43 crores doses to administer it to the public.

The target groups which were eligible to take the vaccines were mainly two: the frontline workers group like police officers, delivery guys, etc . and the health care group like all those who have been directly in contact in some way helping the patients in this critical period of time, mainly doctors and nurses, who have been doing their best to cure the patients despite having the risk of staying in the red zone.

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Bharat Bio-Tech:

The company Bharat Bio-Tech is under a signed agreement for supplying medical requirements across the country with Brazil. The company will supply 20 million doses of Covid 19 vaccine COVAXINE. In countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar, where conducting clinical trials, hospitalizations and treating patients for covid is still an issue.

The government has given Bharat Bio-Tech permission to conduct clinical trials there. Apart from signing a pact with Brazil, Bharat Bio-Tech has signed one with a US-based biopharma firm called Ocugen Inc. This is expected to help India with the supply and commercialization of Indian vaccine COVAXIN in the US market. They will help India to co-develop this product, increasing our supply for the same.

The steps taken by the Govt. of India to eradicate the Coronavirus from the country for always and to increase the immunity of the public are worth the appreciation. The Govt. has planned to provide vaccination to 30 crores people by August.

If we talk about worldwide news of vaccine making, we will see that another vaccine with potential immunity creator is coming up, like Russia’s Sputnik – V and Cadila Healthcare’s ZyCov – D. On March 1, the Centre allowed all the hospitals of both private and govt. The sector to provide the necessary vaccine to the eligible citizens.

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