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#StopAsianHate Movement: How You Can Support It



The increase in discrimination against Asian people needs to be checked. There has been a surge in violence against them which has been heartbreaking and unnecessary as we all are humans and no one should get unequal treatment because of their origin and based on their culture.

It is horrifying to see the violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) is happening across the United States. It has to be checked by everyone that it should be a deciding factor in treating people. We all have to work together towards this social problem and find a change to this issue which should be long and lasting.

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Different Type Of NGO’s:

There have been different NGOs opening up to oppose this hate and support groups are coming up to stop Asian hate. With so much anti – Asian hate spreading in the US, it feels wrong to continue to remain silent about a hated system that threatens our freedom of speech.

Hate should not have a place here. We must stand in solidarity alongside our global community to denounce all forms of hate, racism, violence, and, especially, those that have affected the Asian American and Pacific Islander person, groups, and communities over the last few years.

There has been an increase in hate crimes against the Asian community. On January 28th, Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old woman, was shoved to the ground after taking his morning walk in San Fransisco. He died two days after the attack.

There has been an assault of a 64-year-old Vietnamese grandmother in San Jose, Calif., she was robbed and assaulted by the criminals and it has been a horrendous crime. The news of a 61-year-old Filipino man whose face was slashed with a box cutter on a New York City subway cannot be ignored at all.


These attacks are increasing day by day and it’s a matter of concern that no strict actions are being taken against these criminals.

A 91-year-old man was thrown to the ground in Oakland Chinatown by the attackers. It was recorded on camera and with the onset of this, there have been more violent attacks reported since then.  All these records have increased more than last year, and these crimes taking place in such big educated cities should really be checked upon now.

Nguyen, a civil rights activist who was even nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, said that she was crazy, like her blood boiling through her veins, watching her community get slaughtered. She even questioned how many more people need to be killed for the news outlets, especially mainstream ones, to think that they’re worthy of a story.

She even made an Instagram video where she triggered her followers to sympathize with Asians. The news of Ratanapakdee’s death, Vietnamese grandmother, Filipino man etc. were discussed and talked about.

This pandemic has resulted in violence against Asians at a higher rate where the hate – crimes motivated by hate against Asian sentiment jumped to 1,900% in major cities like NYC.

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