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Dr. Stone Chapter 174, New Invention: Motorcycles



Dr. Stone manga has managed to deliever common chapters in the previous few months, and we have now entered a brand new arc of the story. The journey by means of South America to the supply of petrification that introduced the apocalypse to the world. All of the 21st-century progress got here to a halt, and it was solely revitalized as our major character Senku began a brand new civilization, 1000 years later. Since then, the revived humanity has grown to a substantial dimension. Senku and his firm are actually heading to a brand new vacation spot. They wish to enterprise into the middle of the South American Continent to search out the place the place Petrification Beam originated.

Senku and the others are adopted by the subordinates of Dr. Xeno chasing after the abductors of their key scientists, and that’s the reason they want another route by means of the continent. Stanley and the remainder of the crew are in possession of the Kingdom of Science’s Perseus, which is quicker and extra environment friendly to journey far distances. Senku’s firm solely has a small ship, and it wants common refueling. That is the place they get assist from a newfound geography knowledgeable, Chelsea. She informs the crew that there’s a route by means of the continent that may be conquered utilizing Bikes of the 21st Century. It’s a a lot quicker technique to get there as an alternative of circling across the continent.

And now, Six Bikes shall be constructed utilizing the fabric from the ship. The crew additionally wants rubber for the tires that shall be taken from the rubber forests of South America. As a way to give themselves a boast in opposition to their pursuers, additionally they integrated a kite sail, giving them much more pace, and it strikes a lot quicker because the ship is small in dimension. Senku and the crew will first get hold of the pure rubber, construct the bikes safely, and begin their journey by means of the continent. Xeno’s subordinates could also be slowed down, however they’re probably to maintain following the science crew.

Launch Particulars

In accordance with the Japanese Customary Time, Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 174 is scheduled to launch on November 16, 2020, at midnight. Manga Plus by Shueisha is the primary web site to function the brand new chapters, and it’s the official supply to learn the brand new chapters for many shonen manga. For the US, this chapter will launch on November 15, 2020, at 10 within the morning.


This can be a new enterprise for the Dr. Stone Manga. The earlier one ended with comparatively ‘much less violent’ occasions. Senku and his crew fully gained the state of affairs as they received the primary scientist of the American Civilization whereas left a few of their folks on the island to rebuild utilizing the Alcohol from the corn of the North American Continent. Ultimately, they transfer on to the subsequent continent. In a radio message recovered from Senku’s father, Byakuya, one of many 5 scientists that witnessed the Earth’s petrification 1000 years in the past, it was revealed that the beam traveled by means of the earth, enveloping it like a bubble. Because of this there was one spot on the earth that remained completely unaffected by the beam—the place the place it originated from.

Senku and Xeno brainstormed to search out the precise coordinates of this place utilizing the knowledge from Byakuya’s message. After the enterprise by means of the continent, the crew will finally attain the place. And it’s virtually sure that there shall be an enormous civilization at that place, and one thing very sudden that modifications this manga’s dynamics. We’ll in all probability get the primary have a look at this collection’s final antagonist and the details about his connections with the moon. There may be much more thrilling stuff coming for the Dr.Stone manga.

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