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Madvi Hidma: The Maoist Leader



Maoist pioneer and leader of ‘Force 1’ in Bastar, Madvi Hidma, has arisen as the leader to head the military activities of the restricted outfit CPI (Maoist).

If Hidma, who’s a riddle for the security powers and local people in the Dandakaranya district of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, at last, prevails with regards to turning into the head of Central Military Commission (CMC) of CPI (Maoist), he would be the principal neighborhood ancestral in the Indian Maoist history to sack this top influential position. Every one of the top situations in the ultra-Left gathering has been overwhelmed by Naxal pioneers from unified Andhra Pradesh and now Telangana.

With Nambala Keshav Rao moniker Basava Raju taking over as broad secretary of CPI (Maoist), supplanting Muppalla Laxmana Rao, otherwise known as Ganapathy, who apparently ventured down in 2018 – it turned out to be evident that the new authority would bring more hostility into Maoist activities across Naxal-hit locale in the country, particularly in the Maoist-hotbed Bastar.

Basava Raju (63), other than being the overall secretary, likewise heads CMC, which he obviously needs to surrender. His solidarity is his mastery in military strategies and utilization of explosives, particularly the utilization of extemporized dangerous gadgets (IEDs). He needs a militarily gifted and forceful replacement and can lead the unit with a recharged life across the Red Corridor.

In the politburo meeting of the CPI (Maoist), Basava Raju had communicated that Maoist chiefs who have developed old and are truly unwell should clear a path for the more youthful pioneers. He had demonstrated that there ought to be a retirement strategy in the gathering. Ganapathy had likewise ventured down from the focal board because of his medical affliction in 2017.

As per top sources, however, Hidma is the leader as the head of CMC. The other solid competitors in the race are R Srinivas nom de plume Ramanna, P Tirupathi, K Sudarshan moniker Anand and M Venugopal. The last call will be taken by the focal panel of CPI (Maoist). Given the way, the top chiefs are picked in the Naxal association.

Who is Madvi Hidma?

Initially from Puvarti town in Sukma locale, Hidma works out from the Naxal fortress of the south Sukma district. As indicated by police and security power sources, he had been effectively associated with a portion of the most noticeably awful Maoist assaults incorporating the 2010 Chintalnar assault in which 76 CRPF men got slaughtered; 2013 Jhirum Ghati slaughter in which the whole top Chhattisgarh Congress authority got cleared out and 2017 Burkapal snare in which 23 CRPF jawans were murdered.

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An Enigma

The police have no idea about Hidma’s actual appearance, what does he resemble, or about his experience and age.

Indeed, the police don’t have any photo of Hidma, aside from an old high contrast one—which is very nearly twenty years old. He conveys an abundance of Rs 40 lakh on his head. The most widely recognized portrayal of Hidma is that he conveys an AK 47 and drives a solid gathering of around 250-300 Maoists.

There are various anecdotes about Hidma’s presence. Some say he’s a youthful person in his late 20s, while others guarantee him to be in his mid-50s.

“There are various renditions about Hidma’s presence that have made this Maoist a puzzler. Some say he was executed in an experience after the Jhirum Ghati episode, and his name is utilized as a post of an innovator in the Maoist framework. Nobody has seen him, and regardless of whether he at any point went to a town market, nobody would remember him,” a source from Sukma told Firstpost.

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“Hidma is a nearby ancestral person, who’s ahead of the Maoist unit in Sukma. He’s associated with different instances of snare and impacts. These Maoist’s chiefs regularly are not known by their genuine names and have a few nom de plumes,” Vivekananda, auditor general (Bastar range), Chhattisgarh police, told Firstpost.

A front runner

Hidma’s experience as a leader of the current Battalion-1, which is operational in Bastar. He is a pioneer among Maoists.

Age is his ally, as different competitors are either more seasoned than him or keeping chronic weakness. K Sudarshan (65) has been experiencing various diseases. The other competitor, M Venugopal, who is accountable for the Chhattisgarh-Maharashtra line zone, isn’t referred to be pretty much as forceful as Hidma.

If Hidma gets chosen, it will go about as a spark for the ancestral adolescents in Bastar, which is likewise an enrollment ground. The Maoist unit has been experiencing labor deficiency for a long while.

Hidma is an expert tactician in hit-and-run combat. It’s said that the Bastar landscape is in the rear of his hand.

The vast majority of the 21-part focal board of trustees of the CPI (Maoist) are keeping chronic frailty and have likewise developed old. However, as per knowledge organization sources, Bastar locale keeps on being the most grounded Maoist fort on Red Corridor. None from this area is an individual from the local council.

“There was news that Hidma had become a focal board part; however, it isn’t correct. He’s the commandant of the Battalion-1 in Bastar.

The conceivable determination of ancestral face Hidma as Central Military Commission boss will offer teeth to Naxal activity in Bastar, which is what Basava Raju needs.

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