The Expanse: The Possibility of a Season 7 or Sequel Series

The Expanse: The Possibility of a Season 7 or Sequel Series

The expense is an American science fiction series created by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and started in 2015 and has six seasons.

The story is mainly around the solar system and focused on a future where humanity is colonized in the solar system, and Mars has to become an independent military power. 

The story is created by the imagination of what can happen after 1000 years in the future. There is a tension between the earth and mars and a situation of war will arise. The ship captains come together to investigate a case of missing young women, which leads them on a race across a solar system.

Now the question is there any possibility of the seventh season of the series

So I want to clarify first that there is no official statement by the makers that they are going to shoot the seventh season. Some hints are clear that the series’s sixth season is the last. It is looking tough for the series to come with a new season.

There is also a discussion that The Expanse may come as a movie or not, and there is some speculation. Various storylines give us hints that the production team doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of adaptation of the story in future. Still, we can see it in different styles like tv movies, but everything depends on the budget offered by the platform.

There is also a discussion on the expanse sequel series. It comes from sources that there is a 30-year gap between the sixth and seventh seasons because of funding problems. However, if somehow producers gathered funding in five years, even then, the audience’s interest remains in the series, but 30 years is a considerable period.

In my opinion, we could see more stories of the expanse in some other format like books or Tv movies because there are three similar books related to the drama and many stories remain to tell.

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