Horrifying Turkey Earthquake: Buildings Collapse, Streets Flooded, Videos Captured

There are several images are available on social media showed water rushing through the streets of one of the towns.

earthquake in turkey

New Delhi:

A mighty earthquake attacks Turkey’s western coast and part of Greece. In this earthquake, around 27 people were killed, and many were injured. This earthquake was in action on Friday, October 30, 2020.

The area of the damage captured on the camera was horrifying. It showed entire building blocks being reduced to concrete, water pouring through the streets to the coastal towns after a tsunami alert. The scene was very hard, due to panic people are running here and there.

The earthquake mostly affects the area in and around Turkey’s Aegean resort city of Izmir. It has around three million residents and is filled with multistoried building apartment blocks.

Moreover, people worldwide are together on social media and expressed the shock and pray for the flood survivors.

Some videos are getting viral on social media. CCTV footage from the restaurant’s kitchen shows the restaurant’s staff members fear earthquakes and covering themselves under the table. The speed of the earthquake is not less, but it is 7.0 magnitude.

One more video came; in that video, the sea’s surge attacks the town near Izmir. We can see large rebels were at a time there was a big building.

Furthermore, there are several thick white crests of smoke over different parts of the city where the large building was collapsed. Rescuers helped Residents and sniffer dogs. It used chainsaws to try and force their way through the rubble of one destroyed seven-floor building.

It is registered as one of the world’s strongest earthquakes, covering and running from Turkey to Greece.

In 1999, there was an earthquake with 7.4 magnitudes and strikes Turkey’s northwest area. At that time, 17,000 plus people were killed in which 1,000 was in Istanbul.

In Greece, there was an earthquake in July 2017 in which two people were killed on the island of Kos, near Samos.