Tips and tricks to help first-time home buyers to buy property in India

Every first time holds a very special moment and uncanny excitement in everyone’s life: be it your first love or first salary or first home. However, the experience of first time home shopping with the intention to buy it, may turn out to be very hectic if you are not on the right track. Shopping for your apparels or accessories and mall hopping are definitely fun, but hopping across the city for home shopping to check out random properties suggested by real estate brokers of Bangalore is not all cool, rather stressful. So here are some quick tips to glance through for delightful home shopping. Let’s take the scenario of a doctor, who is on a round the clock job to stand by the oath he took at the first day of his work, and he is now looking for flats in Bangalore to ensure a secured abode for his parents and family

Financial Planning

The first and foremost aspect of buying a property is to analyze the present as well as the future financial scenario. Since the financial value of doctor scales up with experience, things may look quite positive for him. As far as other professions are concerned, it’s always better to consider the present income scenario and the future possibilities before opting for a house, since it’s a long term financial commitment


Location of the property is another important aspect. The distance between your house and work as well as other required facilities and amenities like hospital, school, amusement park, malls, movie halls etc. needs to be taken into account. The neighborhood also matters a lot. Getting like – minded neighbors is always preferable

Acquaintances with Jargons like Carpet Area, Built – Up and Super Built – Up Area

Before you start your home shopping, get yourself acquainted with the jargon terms like Carpet Area, Built – Up Area and Super Built – Up Area. Carpet area is the actual living space, whereas Built – Up area includes the depth of the wall and balcony along with the Carpet Area, and Super Built Up Area includes the Built – Up area along with the lifts, common area, shared space etc. The builders or property agents in Bangalore may play very intelligently with these jargons and tend to mislead you

Pick up the best EMI and Bank options

Pick the right EMI options from a Bank, so that you have a financial edge over the period of time that you spend researching the process. If required, get in touch with a banker for having a detailed understanding

Understanding the payment options and late possession penalty

If you are opting for new projects, have a clear understanding about the way you need to pay the builders. Be very specific about the possession date and the penalties you will be entitled for, if the date got postponed for more than six months

Legal matters

Be diligent in going through the property papers and other legal issues. It’s always recommended to hire an attorney specialized in property dealings to handle these concerns

Spot the house

Well, if you plan to buy a house, the most important thing is spotting and finalizing the house. The most important decision could be whether to get a broker or the builder but both have the limitation of providing you the options of house available in that city only. Moreover there are different brokers dealing with the properties of different areas. Well, if you are confused then check the website. It provides you with the information of all the properties available across multiple cities. Well, if you think I am overstating something, check out the portal and trust me I am not kidding.

All you need to do is to click the Buy option (if you are opting for resale flats) from the first page and the city option i.e. Bangalore and then you get directed to a results page which has a list as well as map view. Clicking on any property in the list will popup a window with all the required information along with photo gallery, neighborhood and lifestyle ratings. Remember all the properties are verified by the team

If you are opting for new projects, you need to choose New Projects from the first page along with the city, which will display all the upcoming projects with the configuration details as well as other required information like Built – Up area, floor plan, 3D view, possession date and facilities & amenities

Moreover the filters customize your home search as per your requirements

Amazing, isn’t it? With, you get access to all the residential complexes across the city in one click to simplify your home search and saves a lot of time and energy. If you think you need more guidance regarding your home shopping, get connected to them at 03-333-333-333 and they are always there to help you find your dream home.

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