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Cyberpunk 2077: The Best Game Ever Features and Tech Weapons



Cyberpunk is the unique combination of various genres related to science and technology. The name itself suggests how strong the digital era has become nowadays. It is the combination of science fiction dominated by computer technology and the futuristic setting of highly digitalized life that the coming generation will feel.

It is like the digital renaissance, which will revolve around advanced technological and scientific achievements of the coming era. The idea of cyberpunk came from science fiction magazines, and since then, various sci-fi movies, games, apps, websites, and technologies along with revolutionary fashion have come into play.

Here we will talk about the tech weapons of CyberPunk 2077, the game, and its features that we are all going to know about. These tech weapons can be used by charging them. They can act like guns and can fire up to shoot powerfully. If there is a battle going on in the game, we can even use the tech gun weapon to fire rapidly.

Cyberpunk – Tech Weapons:


Nekomata, a very uncommon gun, is under the category of a tech sniper rifle. This unique rifle provides the benefit of the precision shoot without any compromise. It has just one mod slot, and the weapon’s attributes are Charge Time, which is 2.50, and Shot Delay, which is 0.05. In the second amendment store in Little China, it is found in the Watson district of the Night City. It costs 3806$.


The next gun on the list is DB-2 SATARA, which is rarely available. It is a type of tech double-barrel shotgun. This gun can even blast away the mountains, as the saying goes, ‘Even faith can move mountains, DB-2 Satara doesn’t need to.’

It has 0 mod slots with weapon attributes such as Thermal Damage which is +4-5, and Charge Time, 2. It is also found in the second amendment store in Little China, in the Watson district of the Night City, but the charge of Satara is slightly less than Nekomata, which is 1572$.

JKE-X2 Kenshin

The next we have on the list is JKE-X2 Kenshin, which is rare when it comes to rarity. It is a type of tech pistol which is elegant in lethality, according to the description. It has 1 mod slot with the following weapon attributes: Physical Damage ranges from +18-22, with the charge time of this weapon being 1.39. The bleeding chance is +3%, and the Head Shot multiplier is 1.20. It is available at the same place with a price as low as 108$.


The next is M-179E ACHILLES, a tech precision rifle that is also one of its kind. With one mod slot, this weapon increases the damage from all the charged tech weapons by a maximum of 0.4%, depending on the amount charged. The price for this rifle is 238$.


DR12 QUASAR is an uncommon revolver that not many have a chance to use. It has a unique story that it has been looted in the Nash’s hideout during the Ghost Town Mission. This cyberpunk weapon is perfect for all the gunslingers out there who embrace change. It has 0 mod slots and 1 attachment.

It has thermal damage power that ranges from twenty-four to twenty-nine with a charge time of 2 and a headshot damage multiplier of 2 itself again. The swelling price for this revolver is just seventy-four $.

M-76E Omaha

The next we have on the list of cyberpunk weapons is M-76E Omaha. It is one of the most common pistols found with everyone and easily available. As same as Quasar, even this pistol has 0 mod slots and 1 attachment attached to it.

This pistol’s chemical damage ranges from 7-8 and with a 1.50 charge time of the gun and a 1.20 headshot damage multiplier. As same as Quasar, even this was looted in the Ghost Town during the Nash’s hideout. The price for this is 52$.

RT – 46 Burya

RT – 46 Burya is an uncommon type of gun that falls under the category of tech revolver, which came from the Soviet Society of Science innovations. This gun’s chemical damage range is very high that is 171 to 209. In contrast, the headshot damage multiplier is as same as Omaha that is 2.

It is found and can be bought from the gun vendor in the Glen, in Heywood. It has 0 mod slots. The charges for RT- 46 Burya are very high compared to the previous guns we talked about, which is 4949$.

Getting all of these legendary and iconic weapons in CyberPunk 2077 will require extra hard work. In this game, you will different types of rare weapons, and you can even customize the guns according to your benefits.


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