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What is HUBSTAFF And How Does It Work?




Ever wondered how can you track your employees while they are working? Do you have a team of freelancers working under you and trying to find ways to monitor their activities and the amount of time they are giving to your company? Are you trying to understand the proper way to calculate the amount each employee deserves depending upon the time they devote to their work?

Then Hubstaff is the right application for you. Your employee’s work can be easy or complex, but how to decide how much pay they should get, this dilemma is made easy with Hubstaff.

This time tracking software is founded in 2012 by Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown when they realized that managing freelance staff was getting messy and unorganized. The founder of Innovation Solutions, Nevogt and Brown, having a work background of developer, founded that they can manage the freelance work with particular software that can monitor the activity and the total amount of time given by the company’s employees. By focusing on the strategic side of the business, the system of Hubstaff was created, which allowed the entrepreneurs to think strategically.

How Hubstaff Works:

For reviewing each project, Hubstaff has to match their users with the specialists running a particular project. It used to take commissions based on hours, which was unique and different from the rest of similar niches. To complete a variety of personal projects and team projects, this software provides numerous tools for easier management of the project and tasks.

This software is allowed to take random screenshots as evidence that how much time a person or a freelancer, or even a contractor is giving to its company. Generally, the screenshots are taken at an interval of 10 minutes for easy track record and calculation. Then these screenshots are then later viewed to check and measure the project efficiency.

Transparency Creates by Hubstaff:

It creates transparency in the ongoing business, although its no denying that staff monitoring has its own pros and cons. There are times in any job when an employer has to sit quietly, think and brainstorm. We cannot expect software to understand that intricacy because it works on screen time.

It can just see what and where a person is spending his work time. But the time when the employer needs to think will not be calculated in work time which in turn proves to not so good for the staff.

Also, it is a time-based work monitoring software, so the end product doesn’t really matter to it. Whereas in a company, the result matters and not the amount of time needed to complete the project. If a person spent so many hours for the completion of a project, the result is not fruitful that he or she shouldn’t get paid according to the amount of time given by him or her on that project. Still, the overall profit or work done should be the judgment criteria for getting paid extra or less for the project.

These few points led to the criticism of this software. If a programmer is writing more code in the development of certain software or apps, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has a higher level of productivity. And if a person is working fast but achieving more productivity in less time, that person is rather an asset for a company, and he should not be paid less just because he has lesser work hours.

How Hubstaff is Unique ?

Hubstaff works in a unique way to track the time they are spending on work by its desktop app. During the desktop app’s ongoing time, the software can see all sites and apps the person is using while working. It is believed that more than 60% of people use social media like Instagram or Facebook while working, and it significantly decreases the overall productivity of the person by a lot of percents.

To control the use of social media while working, this software proved useful where it calculated how much time the person has completed a project, what all sites he visited, and what was their screen time.

All the data of the employee’s work report is then collected and then made into an individual report that helps the heads analyze the performance of the employees and staff. An invoice is created by the time of project completion, which states how much the employee will get depending upon his work-time performance report.

This software has application and website monitoring, screenshot monitoring, activity levels monitoring, weekly work limit monitoring, employee location monitoring, project status monitoring, timesheet management, payroll management, and invoice management.

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