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Best Alternatives for Google Chrome: You Can Use



Google Chrome is one of the leading search browsers preferred by everyone starting from the newbies to the professionals working in every sector and field. It has covered around 70% of the total browser market around the world.

It is comparatively better and easier to use and operate than the rest of the browsers of a similar type. Second to it is the very famous Mozilla Firefox, which has an 8.21% market share globally.

Why is Google Chrome leading the Market?

The dominance of Google Chrome has its own reason to top among the rest of the browsers. Its simplicity is worth the appreciation and there are chances that all those who are reading this article are reading it on Chrome only! It has a minimalistic approach towards its UI and UX which makes it look clean and understandable.

Chrome hangs less as compared to others.  It is fast and rarely shares any useless ads that irritate the user and avoids any disruption from its end. At the same time, other browsers take up unnecessary ads sometimes.

Chrome has high speed and opens pages very quickly. It even opens heavy pages with lots of images and videos. Chrome has high security because it has highly skilled engineers handling its services and handles web attacks very well.

It has appealing apps linked to it and it is an independent platform as it is not bound to any system or OS.


Which other browser is the best alternative to Google Chrome?

Microsoft Edge:

Windows default browser provides the service of search browser. We can use Cortana for directly searching Microsoft Edge from Windows devices. It has all the options that we need in a browser like favorites, downloads, browse search history, and even changing the setting accordingly.

Even it rarely crashes and works smoothly. It comes pre-installed whenever we buy any version of Windows, especially in the modern ones. The software used by Edge is similar to that of Chrome functionally.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is backed by the non – profit company Mozilla and is known for its versatility in browsing and downloads. It is very fast in searching and easily downloads big files. Mozilla has the feature of multi–tasking by providing you the feature of a multi–tab.

It has a private browsing feature in which none of your search histories is recorded and neither are the cookies collected. Compared to Chrome, its search system, the way we browse it, and the searches’ accuracy still need improvement. It has a chance of crashing when we open too many tabs and work on them simultaneously.

This similar problem can happen again if we work on sites with heavy files, pictures, and videos. Mozilla is working towards its betterment according to the customer reviews. It takes the reviews positively and works towards solving and improving them properly.


Opera Browsing Search

Opera is a great alternative to Google Chrome if it is compared with other browsers. We all have used Opera browser once in our lives whether on phones, tabs or PC. It has many features which can be considered similar to Google Chrome. And it has similar architecture and design to it.

It comes with an in–built VPN tool that can be used unlimitedly and it backs up your IP address so that it protects it subtly. Opera runs very smoothly and it requires the least amount of RAM compared to other browsers without any issues.

Its own Mini app is called opera Mini, which is available for smaller devices, which is faster than Opera but is aesthetically and visually less appealing. It has been an underrated application in the browser market and often gets dominated by other big browsers.

Tor Browser

If you are concerned about saving your privacy about what you search and how you search, Tor might be a great fit for you compared to other browsers.

Google Chrome has strict data collecting policies. You will find it toggling about the safety of a site and cookies, etc., with Tor, your privacy is valued over everything. Nothing can track your data with Tor Browser and you can surf the internet for whatever you want and you will remain fully anonymous.

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It even restricts the sites to know about your physical location as in where you reside and from where you are searching. Often the people who search through Deep Web and Dark Web use Tor Browser for that work. It also lets you access the sites which have been blocked in your location.

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