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How To Upload Music To Amazon Music: Step By Step



Amazon Music is one of the most popular and cheap solutions to all your music dilemmas. Its streaming music service lets the listeners swim in the pool of millions of songs in almost all languages and enjoy those at no additional cost.

It has thousands of playlists and podcasts prepared specially for individual choices and provides them with lots of different genres and options. It offers an ad-free music listening experience. You may or may not have an unlimited music subscription to listen to thousands of stations. But with this free option, you cannot have access to the play on demand music.

While the column to the left offers you the feature to perform several actions like browsing the songs you want to listen to by category, listen to the songs you have purchased on the Music Store and search content by band or song name.

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Amazon prime music also provides us the compatibility to search and play songs with the help of Alexa, where you have to allow your microphone to access the voice recording system of the device and you can ask her to play whatever you want to hear.

How to Upload Music to Amazon Music

Here we will let you know how to upload your own personalized music on Amazon Music Library apart from the music you download from Amazon.

Step 1 :

The first step is that click on the settings button that you will find on the upper right corner of the page when you open Amazon Music, where you can set the output format in the form of Auto, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF; output quality where you can select the kpbs of the music you want to upload.

Then you can mention the output folder; then you can select the file name with title and the artist name; In Output Organised you can select the Artist type; In After Converting option, you can mention if you want Amazon to do a certain task upload related. At the below, you can select the Country or Region you are uploading from and from where the website belongs.

Step 2 :

In the next step, you can choose any of your amazon playlists, artists, albums, podcasts etc and click on the Tune Pat Amazon Music Converter option where you can select the songs you have selected to convert according to your choice.

You will get the dialogue box where you will find numerous songs with the details of their artists, album and duration given in it. In the lower right corner you will find the option of Convert, where you can convert your selected songs.


Step 3 :

In step 3, you can export your Amazon Music to your local computer or any other device. The Tune Pat Amazon Music Converter will show all the songs that you have converted in the last step along with the details of their artists, album and the duration of the song.

In the lower-left of the dialogue box, you will see the converting file percentage. Once the conversion is done, you will find the option of Abort in the lower right of the dialogue box where you can stop the conversion of the Amazon Music to your PC or any other device.

Once the conversion is done, you can find the downloaded music in the option of History, which you will spot on the upper right corner. You can even open the History box by directly going to the output folder you customized in the previous step.


Step 4 :

The most crucial step that is needed for you is to Upload Music to Amazon Music.

After following the previous steps, you can open the Amazon Music app and spot ‘Action’ at the sidebar’s right and click on it.

You can then choose the music you want to upload, which can be the downloaded music or your own personalized music by dragging the music files and dropping them in the dialogue box or selecting the files manually according to your choice. When the upload is done, you can listen to them and play the music on your computer, phone, or another device.

There is an option of the Tune Pat Amazon Music Converter’s free trial, which will help you convert the first three minutes of each song and then enable you to convert 3 music files of your choice at one time. If you want to exceed the time limitation, you can unlock this feature by buying Tune Pat Amazon Music Converter’s full version.

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