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Upcycle Your Laptop Using Android Emulators



What is an android emulator?

An android emulator is an instrument used to activate all the applications of android devices on a computer. In other words, an android emulator creates a virtual android device using a computer.

The Pros Of An Android Emulator:

  • Revives the hardware as well as the software
  • Can use the applications without modifying them
  • It is free to access and use
  • Transfer of information and ate quicker on virtual devices, rather than on physical devices such as pen drives, external hard drives, etc.
  • Easier to configure sensors of applications with the help of the visuals.

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Cons Of An Android Emulator:

  • According to the android emulator, a compact chipset for the functioning to go smoother and easily available is quite a task.
  • Using an android emulator can back up space on your laptop. It fabricates different directories to reserve the virtual device’s user data, cache and occupy 3-4GB of the device’s memory.
  • Setting up and enabling hardware-acceleration of the device is quite a task that may be a challenge even to professionals. It may even lead to complete system failure if not done properly and cost you all the data on your device.
  • Understanding application interactions and functioning are not definitive with an android emulator.

List of android emulators:


It needs only 2 GB RAM, which is usually available in low-end PCs, and also a free space of 36GB for the requirements. LD Player is easy to use interface and can also be used as keyboard mapping. You can play multiple games at one time using this tool and also use scripts while playing games. It is free of cost and also compatible with most of the games. You can also use custom controls to activate the keyboard and mouse to use the emulator.


It is easy to set up and can carry more than one account. This was made for gaming enthusiasts. BlueStacks user interface is highly user-friendly and you can also customize your key mapping and even gamepads. The file transfer is easy and can be transferred as and when needed based on the different gaming templates. This emulator also provides you with the function of taking screenshots or recording your screen videos and many useful options to change the settings to improve the computer’s performance.

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It offers a large number of functions and is also fast at processing data. It is easy to use with no challenges or command any setup processes. The RAM and CPU power can adjust and allocatee to the device using the software supports- DirectX and OpenGL. The controls can customize by Nox for the keyboards as well as touchscreens.


It is a small package with big promises. If BlueStack or NoxPlayer is not working on your laptop, you can bet on this app to be your savior. It has a user-friendly interface. You can download a wide range of apps from various app stores, and the premier version helps you save games, is free of ads, and has volume control buttons.


It offers touchscreen compatibility. You can customize the keyboard or controller according to your liking, record videos, take screenshots of your virtual device, download and install apps, custom control graphic settings, and be free of cost.


Ko Player

This is available in the GooglePlay store and on its official website, from where you can download games and apps directly on your virtual device. Acceleration support is provided y OpenGL and you can also use multiple accounts using this app. You can also record and share the game footage, the display quality is quite good and its app center has a huge area to choose from.

In the above list of android emulators, we have provided the best choice of emulators for low-end computers. Still, the Android emulator’s performance depends on the computer’s configuration system.

The choice of an android emulator that you should use with your computer should be decided on the emulator’s performance with your device, which is to be done by downloading and installing the emulator and reviewing the emulator’s performance with your device. The sequence you can use is from top to bottom, the top one being the most recommended and the last is the least good of the lot.

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