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How to obtain Luna’s Howl?



What is Luna’s Howl?

Luna’s Howl is a fictional object in the game Destiny 2.

Luna’s Howl is a heroic hand canon, which can be deconstructed to make other weapons such as Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, Legendary Sards, and Enhancement cores.

It was introduced in Season 4.

Overview of Luna’s Howl:

Type: Hand Cannon
Slot: Energy
Rarity: Legendary

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Technical Specifications:

Attack: 260-600
Ammo type: Primary
Impact: 78
Range: 47
Stability: 61
Handling: 42
Reload Speed: 59
Rounds per minute: 180
Magazine: 10


Other Specifications:

Zoom: 14
Aim Assistance: 79
Recoil Direction: 95
Fire Mode: Single

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Inventory Information:

Stack: 1
Transferability: Yes
Item Action: Dismantle


How to get it?

Random Drop: No
Vendor: Lord Shaxx


Upgrades of Luna’s Howl:

Column 0: Precision Frame
  Recoil Pattern is vertically predictable and fires quickly with high accuracy.
Column 1: Polygonal Rifling
  Barrel optimized for recoil reduction, which increases stability.
Column 2: Drop Magazine
  Magazine of the weapon falls on reload, wasting ammunition but increasing reload speed.
Column 3: Zen moment
  Bringing up destruction with this weapon increases stability.
Column 4: Magnificent Howl
  Rapidly landing two precision shots grants a short period of bonus damage till your next kill or miss.
Column 5: Tracker Disabled
  There is no tracker shown on this weapon.
  Kill Tracker
  It keeps track of the number of enemies you defeated using this weapon.
  Crucible Tracker
  It keeps track of the number of Crucible opponents you defeated using this weapon.
  Default Shader
  Restores your gears to their default colors.
  Stability Masterwork
  Increases weapon’s stability statistics by 10 units.


The legend of Luna’s Howl

The legend of Luna’s howl is one of the most depressing legends in the Destiny world.

Luna was the canine of a guardian named Josef. Shaxx, a Crucible Handler, visits Josef and asks why he looks like “hell,” to which Josef replies that he has to hunt for the Hive and does not have time for the Crucible. The Crucible asks if he lost one of his loved ones on the moon and has to hunt the Hive on the Moon.

Shaxx also commented that many had lost their loved ones on the Moon and hands over a box to Josef, saying that Banshee, the gunsmith, sent over the package for him. Opening the package, Josef sighs, “It’s a good gun,” to which Shaxx replies, “She was a good dog,” and also says that the weapon is not a replacement, but it will help Josef to fight the Hive.

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Steps of the quest to obtain Luna’s Howl:

Step 1 Shock and Denial.

Finish 10 Competitive matches.

You need to complete 10 competitive matches and not necessarily win these matches. But winning a few matches will only get your chances high for other quests in the game.

Step 2 Pain and Guilt.

Obtain 150 Hand Cannon Kills.

You need to collect 150 Hand Cannon kills in the competitive matches. You can choose your own choice of weapon. The most common picks are Service revolver, Trust, and Austringer among the legendary choices, or The Last Word, Thorn, Malfeasance, and Ace of Spades among the exotic choices.

Step 3 Anger and Bargaining.

Obtain 200 solar kills.

The need for 200 solar kills is because Luna’s Howl is a solar weapon.

The kills can be both abilities and weapons. The choice is yours.

Jotunn is the most preferred exotic weapon for a single shot solar kill. Another preferred choice of weapons is Polar Lance and Trust.

Step 4 Depression and Loneliness.

Finish 3 Rumble matches.

Finishing 3 rumble matches does not take much time and can be completed around 30-45 minutes.

Step 5 The Upward Turn.

Obtain 100 precision Hand Cannon kills.

This step matches step 2, but the kills have to be precision kills.

This step will not be much of a challenge, as in step 2, most of the kills will already be precision kills.

Step 6 Reconstruction.

Get to Fabled in Glory Playlist.

This is considered to be the hard part of the quest.

To reach Fabled, you need to have a minimum of 2100 points in any Competitive season, and you also lose points in the playlist on a loss.

You can use any weapon you are comfortable with within this step.

Step 7 Acceptance.

Obtain Luna’s Howl from Shaxx.

Finally, receive your brand new Luna’s Howl from Shaxx.


Difficult Part:

The only difficult part of the whole quest is Step 6 and reaching Fabled. The other steps are not much of a challenge.

After receiving Luna’s Howl from Shaxx, he will also provide you with a Golden Ticket pursuit, which is the next quest that will require you to obtain kills using your newly acquired Luna’s Howl post getting to Legend (5th Rank in the game).

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