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Why is satellite Internet so expensive?



What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is a type of internet connection that transfers data using satellite signals from the satellites that are orbiting the Earth. It is a more reliable internet service over land-based internet services like cable and DSL, which uses wires’ data transfer. It is also widely available when it is hard to get internet services through cables or DSL.

How does it work?

Satellite internet functions by using radio waves to send and receive data to and from the satellites that orbit the Earth. The data transfer is done using a network that starts with the device, through the modem, then the satellite dish, and finally to the satellite in the space, then back to Earth to a Network Operations Centre. The data is then transferred back in the same path to be received in the device that requested the data.

The hardware needed to set up Satellite internet:

  • An internet-ready device is any gadget that can get access to the internet through legitimate assistance. This incorporates your PC, tablet, cell phone, smart TV, and some other internet-empowered devices. When you utilize the internet on one of these gadgets, it sends and gets information through your modem/switch.
  • Modem/router- A modem deciphers information to exchange it between your internet-ready gadget and the satellite dish. You can interface a few devices, similar to a PC, smart TV, or gaming console, straightforwardly to your modem utilizing an ethernet link.
  • Satellite dish- The next step in the transfer is your home satellite dish. This dish should be definitely situated to radiate signals to the supplier’s satellite in a circle and get data back. An affirmed expert from your supplier will deal with the arrangement for you.

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The interesting situating of a satellite dish can make satellite internet hard for voyaging recreational vehicles. Moreover, your record is set up to be under a particular spot pillar from the satellite in space, so how far you would have the option to travel and still get web would be fairly restricted.

  • Satellite in space- Approximately 22,000 miles outside the Earth, satellites utilized in customary satellite internet access drift over the equator. They pivot with the planet, so the signed transfer stays reliable. This takes into account two-way information correspondence between your dish and the supplier center, or NOC.
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)- At whatever point you demand data from the internet, regardless of whether you are tapping on a connection, internet-based show, or opening Facebook, the information is transferred through the above hand-off. The satellite, at that point, radiates that solicitation to the NOC. 

Should I opt for Satellite Internet?

Suppose you live in areas where internet services are hard to access. It is more beneficial for low data consuming activities like browsing, emailing, etc. It gives a limited data usage as per the plans, and further, the speed of the internet becomes very slow.

Is satellite internet reliable?

Satellite internet is one of the most reliable sources to access data, but certain weather conditions like rain or storm can knock out access to the internet for a short while.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Satellite internet:

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability- Satellite internet is widely available worldwide and provides a great alternative for travelers who constantly need the internet to maintain their work/lifestyle. Data allowance- Satellite internet has a cap for the internet allowance as per the plans, after which the speed of the internet slows down noticeably.
Speed- Satellite internet provides extremely great speed, though the data is limited. Latency- with satellite internet, there is a lag in sending and receiving data, which can b a problem for fast-paced games.
Flexibility is more suited for day-to-day official work like emails, browsing, etc., but is not much suitable for gaming and video streaming. Cost- Satellite internet is the costliest internet service that you can opt for, therefore choose wisely.


Why is satellite internet so expensive?

The main reason for satellite internet to be so expensive is because of the payload expenses. The cost of the satellite itself is 1.2 billion dollars to 1.4 billion dollars. The company that offers satellite internet to the world has to pay for the satellites in the Earth’s orbit.

The people who subscribe to the satellite internet services, help the company pay for it. They are making the plans of these services so expensive, and the consumer base is minimal, making it very expensive. The supply and demand for satellite internet also play a huge role, but this field’s competition is also minimal because of the cost and limited customer base.

The cost of setup and hardware is also prohibitive for the person who opts for satellite internet. The person who opts to use satellite internet has to install a satellite dish that is an expensive piece of hardware and a satellite modem and compatible cables, which are also very expensive. Moreover, a professional cannot do the installation and cannot be one by self like the normal broadband installations.

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Satellite Internet providers in India:

There are a few satellite internet providers in India, which are:

  • Syntex
  • Hughes Satellite Internet services
  • Airtel
  • Viasat Internet India

Out of which, Viasat is said to be the best satellite internet provider in India.

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