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How Can You Get 100GB of Cloud Storage Per Cloud?



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In the marketplace, many cloud storage providers offer a certain amount of free storage space such as 2GB, 5GB, and 15GB. The smallest cloud storage that offers 100GB of free online storage. To the best of my knowledge, storage providers offer 100GB of free Degoo storage and CBackup, followed by Mega 50GB free storage.

In some cloud storage, users can get additional free storage by transfer or otherwise. Next, I will talk about the free online storage of each storage provider and the offered way to get more storage and also get 100GB of free storage (not all cloud storage has this feature).

Degoo – 100GB free

Degoo has 100GB of free cloud storage and includes an unlimited number of mobile devices, end-tone encryption, and 1 desktop device.

Unlike many cloud storage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, it is more than a backup system instead of software syncing, which can help you back up photos, videos, and texts from the hard drive to the desktop.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the active status of your account, or your files can be deleted after 90 days. Or you can log into a Degoo account every 90 days to save the uploaded files.

Get Degoo’s free online cloud storage: after signing up, go to your Degoo account, then click Get Space Extra at the top right.

CBackup – 1000GB free

CBackup is a free cloud support service and has effective strategies for users to get free unlimited cloud storage. You can connect multiple cloud storage service accounts with CBackup, and all the storage available on these accounts will create a larger compact cloud to back up your data. You can also back up directly or sync data from one cloud storage account to another within a few minutes.

Alternatively, CBackup allows you to back up a Windows PC to a public cloud or to its own cloud (called CBackup Cloud). It gives you 2000GB of traffic data per month that you can store on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. It provides each user with 1000GB of CBackup Cloud space to back up the computer to protect your data from various security threats.

MEGA – 50GB free (only one month)

Indeed, after signing up for MEGA, you can get 50GB of free storage for the first month. After this time, it will cut 35GB, leaving only 15GB, still kind compared to most cloud storage providers.

For more space, you can complete MEGA success. Very simple and easy to use, 20GB bonus storage and 40GB bonus transfer for MEGASync installation, 15GB bonus and 30GB mobile transfer, 10GB bonus storage, and 20GB invitation transfer. Please remember that the bonus will expire in 180 days and you can get free space for these achievements once.

Google Drive – 15GB free

Google Drive can be said to be an attractive cloud space for beginners and shared with Gmail and Google Photos (in high-resolution images).

Also, from time to time it gives you 2GB of free cloud storage for specific account activities.

In addition, free users can enjoy all aspects of integration with paid users, such as Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Translation, and more.

Another thing is that it works well on an Android phone, but you can still use it on iOS or a computer either Windows or Mac.

Lastly, Google claims to analyze content to recommend suitable products. That is, it will download your information and enable you to market yourself.

Box – 10GB free

Box 10GB free storage and has a 250GB limit on any single uploaded file. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to get more space.

It works seamlessly with 1400 business class storage services, such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Netsuite, DocuSign, Oct., etc. Therefore, you can use it for business purposes.

 Sync – 5GB

At first glance, Sync doesn’t look like cloud storage, but rather real online storage. Free space starts at 5GB and will never expire. At the same time, a free account has the same features as a paid account. It is amazing and interesting.

OneDrive – 5GB free

OneDrive provides all users with 5GB of cloud storage for free. At the same time, it provides additional 1TB storage for students or teachers with school or university email addresses. It’s very friendly.

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