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Tom And Jerry Movie Review: Must Find Time for This Fun Adventure



tom and jerry movie

Tom and Jerry have not been a cartoon for us, but it has always taught us so many valuable lessons about our lives and how to deal with problems in its own funny and subtle way. It has been the inspiration and our own little childhood moral book where both Tom and Jerry fight in their imbecile manner with each other and at the same time love and care for each other, making us remember our precious and unique relationships with our siblings and cousins.

Produced and distributed by Warner Animation Group and Warner Bros. Pictures, ‘Tom and Jerry: The Movie’ is getting released in February 2021, where the traditional Tom and Jerry rivalry is seen and enjoyed by the viewers.
This 100-minute movie is written by Kevin Costello, directed by Tim Story, and based on the movie by the epic pair – Joseph Barbera and William Hanna.
It stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Kayla, the girl from the Royal Gate Hotel who hires Tom to get rid of Jerry from the big fat Indian Wedding; Michael Pena, who is acting as the boss of Kayla and he is the deputy manager of the hotel too where the wedding is being held; Colin Jost acting as the groom the wedding that is taking place in the hotel; Rob Delaney as the rich owner and manager of Royal Gate Hotel; Pallavi Sharda as the Indian Bride of the wedding and finally Ken Jeong, the chef at the hotel.

Tom and Jerry Movie Summary

In this movie, we see the regular cat-mouse rivalry uniquely. Getting to see our childhood favorite show on a big screen is so exciting to everyone, both the viewer and the maker. No matter how much ever grown-up you are, this movie hits us with the nostalgia of our childhood.

We get to see how Tom and Jerry would have been in the 2020s. Even if that is no denying that the touch of 90s is gone in this movie but still at the same point all of us will cherish the cat and mouse in their cutest, cleverest and craziest self.

With a simple storyline, the movie shows that Jerry has taken residence in the grand rich hotel. Royal Gate Hotel after moving to the exquisite life of New York City. The hotel is seen to cater a big fat Indian Wedding of Ben, starred by Colin Jost and Preeta, starred by Pallavi Sharda.

Jerry is seen to cause problems in the wedding and hotel by his small and smart mischiefs, which frustrated everyone at the hotel and the wedding. This made the deputy hotel manager, Michael Pena, as Terrance to ask Kayla, the young employer, to get rid of Jerry from the hotel and the wedding.

While Jerry is messing up the wedding, Tom, on the other hand, is hired by Kayla now to help her to get rid of Jerry from the hotel. Before getting hired by Kayla, Tom was homeless, without food and shelter, disowned by everyone, and without any job.

When she notices Tom on the streets, trying to make both ends meet, she decides to bring him to the hotel to help her do the job. She discusses this idea with his boss, and he agrees with her that it would be helpful to hire a cat to get rid of the mouse.

When the employees joined forces with Tom catching and stopping Jerry to do his snarky games, it, in turn, threatened Kayla’s job, the Indian wedding, and also the hotel’s reputation. The cat-mouse play started again and Oh! What a disaster it created! All of this came with a plot twist where the owners themselves were plotting to eradicate both Tom and Jerry together, which they both found out later.

When they both realized that they need each other to save themselves from the wicked plots around them, they must work side by side and have to take care of each other at the same point because none of them can win without each other. They both are each other’s home.

Tom and Jerry Movie Theatre Release After COVID Lockdown

The Tom and Jerry Movie is the third movie to get released in theatres but the first to get released worldwide. The previous two, Tom and Jerry: The Movie and Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry, were released only in some selected cities of the USA. This movie pays homage to Mouse of Manhattan as the film’s shoot takes place in Manhattan itself. This movie is the best fit to cater to a family audience and, of course, a must-watch for everyone who loved watching the episodes of Tom and Jerry in their childhood.

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