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What is Micro Wedding & Why It is Becoming Popular ?



micro wedding

Micro wedding have been popular these days. Having a wedding in house, be it of our relative, family or friends is a big deal for all of us. To celebrate the new bond formed between two families, we often expect a huge celebration that involves big stages, expensive dining, hundreds of guests, numerous amounts of gifts and shenanigans, designer outfits, lots of booze, an impeccable party of the year that everyone will remember and last but the least the happiness, love and the mood for celebration everywhere!

But even if grand wedding have always been a thing for all of us, there is a reason which we cant deny that why is Micro Wedding getting so popular these days.

What is Micro Wedding?

Let us start with what exactly is Micro Wedding? Micro Wedding is a small and sweet ceremony or party with less than 50 close people who can be friends and family. It is a type of combined elopement and reception with a small party and it usually has a lot of pros than the cons. The trend of micro wedding is growing and it usually focusses on the guest experience.

A micro wedding doesn’t necessarily has to include all that traditional customs and rituals that every grand wedding has to follow. It can be done out door or indoor with a small group of friends where you can rent a room or an outdoor setting and have a casual setup where everyone will chill and have fun. There can be dancing, close friends happily saying their speeches, eating, having a booze party and the best part is you don’t have to deal with any pressure about the guest experience because you will be surrounded by your loved ones only.

Micro wedding benefits

It will be like a relaxed day. One doesn’t have to plan a day party and a night party differently. You don’t have to chase RSVPs, or even run after the proper seating arrangement, you don’t have to take stress about guest entertainment and whether or not they are getting proper food and booze.

These days couple want their D Day to be more relaxed and fun. They don’t want to stress over their party. They want their day to be more personal and meaningful. It is their day and they deserve to happily enjoy it among the supportive and warm environment with your friends and families.

Another benefit of having a Micro Wedding is that it can be a lot easy on your pocket. You don’t have to unnecessarily spend a lot on things that you don’t even care about. The budget will be minimum and the idea of spending your money right on the people who are nearest and dearest is worth it. A beautiful setting with fantastic menu and great hospitality is absolutely affordable when it comes to Micro Wedding.

You can even personalize your wedding set up according to your choice, you can decide the décor of your wedding according to your taste and preferences.

You can spend more time with your close guests and you don’t have any restriction any way.

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