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Places To Visit In Pune And Mumbai During Monsoon



Places To Visit In Pune And Mumbai During Monsoon

Living in Pune or Mumbai , thinking about your next monsoon trip? Here’s a few places for you to consider :

Thosegar Falls

Perhaps the most beautiful spots to visit close to Pune in monsoon, the thundering cascade is in close area to Satara, the valley of blossoms in Maharashtra. Kaaswhic is the home to the Thosegar falls. Heighten the pleasant level of Kas, which is bloomed by different sorts of blossoms to appreciate the magnificent perspectives.


  • Appreciate the sight on Kaas Lake where a few transitory birds frequently visit 
  • Appreciate the stunning sight on blossom covered Kaas area – perhaps the best spot to visit close to Pune or Mumbai during the stormy season 
  • Relish the thundering Thosegar falls 
  • Visit at the Samahdi site of Samarth Ramdas master, the profound master of Shivaji at Sajjangad 
  • Journey to the highest point of Sajjangad to see the wonderful blossom-loaded valley.

Distance from Pune is 134.7 km, and from Mumbai is 277.5 km


A one-day cookout spot close to Pune in the storm, Tapola is also known as the Kashmir of the western coast. It is a peaceful settlement portrayed by awe inspiring lake – Shivsagar. The drive from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola is beautiful, new, and gives an abundance of the display. This tranquil spot around Pune and Mumbai in a rainstorm is a stunning escape to unwind a lot. 


  • Heaven for travelers, Tapola offers an extraordinary journeying opportunity across thickly forested slopes 
  • Appreciate the magnificent perspectives on the dam based on waterway Koyana and Solshi 
  • Appreciate a bike ride from Satara pass to Bamnoli to the last objective at the astounding rainstorm escape from Pune and Mumbai – Tapola 
  • Rent a speedboat and appreciate a ride on Tapola’s Shivsagar Lake

Distance from Pune is 150 km and from Mumbai is 300 km.


In spite of the fact that a strict objective, it is frequented by excursion darlings for its beautiful and most stunning courses. Bhimashankar is the home to one of the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples of Lord Shiva. Other than Bhimashankar being a traveler place, it is likewise given by amazing regular magnificence, making it a famous rainstorm escape from Pune and Mumbai. 


  • Give recognition to the Bhimashankar sanctuary committed to the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples of Lord Shiva. 
  • Visit the Bhimashankar natural life sanctuary to observe probably the most jeopardized species like the Giant Indian Squirrel. This is among the best rainstorm outing spots close to Mumbai and Pune. 
  • Plan a journey from the Shidi ghat to Ganesh ghat, which is generally pleasant and courageous during storm season 
  • Relish the most astounding cascades and the rambling streams

Distance from Pune is 127 Km, and from Mumbai is 213 Km


Invest some time to encounter the reviving and stimulating storm objective close to Mumbai and Pune. The city of Karnala is portrayed by the sweet tune of the birds trilling. Relish the perspectives on the regular natural surroundings of enhancing widely varied vegetation. Karnala is among the best places to visit during a rainstorm in Maharashtra. 


  • Investigate the vestiges of the Karnala fortification, which was previously a piece of Maratha stronghold. It went through a mass difference in hands during the by-gone eras.
  • Draw in yourself in a trip to the acclaimed Karnala Pinnacle, which is an all-around kept up shelter for birds like falcons, vultures, and a few jeopardized animal types. 
  • Revere the higher perspective of the coastline of Mumbai from the Pinnacle across the thick timberland on the Sahyadri slopes.
  • Met by the Mumbai-Goa Highway is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary is the home to in excess of 40 types of transitory birds.

Distance from Pune is 124 Kms, and from Mumbai is 87 Kms


In the event that you wish to stop by and appreciate the excellent tune of transitory birds in the midst of the wonderful nature, particularly during the rainstorm months, then Kamshet doubtlessly is an ideal escape. Not very far away from Mumbai and Pune, it would spruce you up. 


  • Kamshet is home to a few sanctuaries, for example, the Kondeshwar sanctuary, which likewise encapsulates ancient Hemadpanthi panache and the Sant Tukaram situated on the Bhandar Dongar. 
  • Visit the Bhairi Cave, Karla, Bhaja, and Bhedsa Caves 
  • Enjoy a few exercises, for example, advance kiting and edge moving on the Pavana lake (a fake lake) shaped by the Pavana Dam. 
  • Walk around the Lohgad, Tikona, and Tungi fortresses is an extraordinary method to appreciate the design leap forwards just like the common magnificence. 
  • Visit the Shinde Wadi Hills and give your hands a shot paragliding

Distance from Pune is 48 Km and from Mumbai is 108 Km


The stronghold is arranged on the Sahyadri Hills gives you every one of the motivations to visit Sinhagad. It’s probably the best spot to visit close to Mumbai in the storm for an end-of-the-week retreat. What better than arranging a trip to the fortification during the storm months? 


  • A visit to the Sinhagad stronghold ought to be an absolute necessity on your rundown of spots to visit close to Pune and Mumbai during storms. 
  • Appreciate the downpour and charming breeze while traveling from Katraj to Sinhagad. 
  • Visit Panshet, which is a lovely peaceful lake made by the Pavana dam on the waterway.

Distance from Pune is 37.4 km, and from Mumbai is 180.1 km


Situated in the Konkan district of Maharashtra, Alibaug is a little seaside town that is known for its perfect seashores, recorded fortifications, and a spotless, non-harmful environment. With no deficiency of spots to visit, Alibaug is perhaps the most interesting spots to visit close to Mumbai and Pune that never allows any voyager down. This lovely little town offers an ideal getaway from the bustling life plans and revives the psyche and soul. 


  • Witness the dreamlike dusk and dawn from Alibaug seashore 
  • Go on an outing to the by-gone days at Colaba stronghold and get an understanding of the rich history of Alibaug 
  • Loosen up the whole self while sitting under a plantation of coconut trees and accepting the peacefulness of the objective 
  • Take splendid photos of the unstoppable force of life at Kihim seashore

Distance from Pune is 144 Km, and from Mumbai is 95 Km

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