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Trash Truck: The Show Your Little ones Will Love



Trash Truck is an “all-ages’ preschool show,” according to the creator Max Keane.

All the parents out there can watch this show with their kids as the kids will enjoy it a lot, and it’ll take the parents down memory lane into their childhood.

Every animated series you watch will tell you about the person who created the show and their family since our surroundings mostly inspire these imaginations.

The same is the case with this one; Max Kleane is inspired by his son’s love for trash trucks. Almost all the children keenly watch the trash truck and admire it, and turning this admiration into an animated series was a brilliant idea.

Max Kleane is no newcomer to the industry, and he has done quite a few shorts like Dear Basketball and Duet, but this was his first time as a creator and showrunner of the series.

And no doubt he did the job correctly as expected by him since this was a part of his family business.

When he pitched the idea to his dad Glen Kleane, he loved it too and said that there is something new and original here, and the inspiration is drawn from such a pure source that it’ll surely touch the hearts of others.

He asked Max to go forward with the idea and work on it.

Max does Hank’s dad’s voiceover, and Hank’s mother’s voiceover by Megan Keane.

The making of the show involves so many family members that show all that love on screen. The project is close to Max’s heart as it involves his kid’s imagination and his family’s involvement.

The series has a learning curve for the kids as it tries to teach children fundamental values through interesting stories like teaching physics or how nothing is impossible in the world.

It is a journey of the kid’s imagination, which is the best part of the series.

The kids don’t get scared of the consequences, and they are not afraid of anything, and due to this carefree attitude, they dream big, and their imaginations are wild.

Here in the series, a little boy goes on different adventures with his friends, a trash truck, a raccoon named Donny, and a bear named Walter.

When we grow up, we tend to reason everything, and we stop dreaming big and scare easily.

Still, we should learn from these kids how to live life at ease and not worry about little things that hardly matter in the long run, and also imaginations lead to new and improved ideas which ultimately helps us only.

If you have kids, you should watch the show with them as everyone will enjoy it, and the bond between you and your kid will only get stronger by sharing quality time.

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