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All Anime Filler Arc in One Piece So Far



One Piece is among the longest-running anime on the air proper now, primarily based on a manga that’s simply as lengthy and nowhere close to ending up but. The sequence presently has virtually 1,000 episodes, which is rather a lot even amongst long-running shonen anime.

10. Ocean’s Dream Arc: Episodes 220-224

The Ocean’s Dream Arc is predicated on the One Piece Ps online game of the identical identify. Everybody on the ship, aside from Robin, discover themselves with none of their recollections of being within the Straw Hat Pirates. This causes chaos amongst the crew, who now not acknowledge one another, which makes all of them really feel that every of them is a risk. They slowly start to appreciate all of them dreamt a couple of boy blowing an instrument underwater and know that he have to be accountable for their reminiscence loss.

9. Cunning’s Return Arc: Episodes 225-226

Cunning and two of his crew, Porche and Hamburg, are floating in a small boat on the ocean. Luffy sees them from the Going Merry and brings them aboard till they discover their ship. However one other captain has taken over the ship, and Cunning has to battle him to reclaim command of his crew and take his boat again.

8. Ice Hunter Arc: Episodes 326-335

The Straw Hat Pirates run throughout a crew on a broken ship and resolve to assist them. It seems, nonetheless, that the individuals on the ship work for a household of bounty hunters named the Accino Household, having been members of the Phoenix Pirates till they obtained overwhelmed within the New World and had been added to the Accino ranks. They’re out to gather the bounties on the Straw Hat Pirates and have fashioned a lure to lure them in and seize them.

7. Spa Island Arc: Episodes 382-384

No anime is actually full with no spa arc, and One Piece isn’t any totally different. This arc sees the Straw Hat Pirates as they cease at Spa Island, a man-made island with many leisure actions. The pirates break up as much as get pleasure from themselves and find yourself assembly a younger lady named Lina and her sister Sayo, who’s holding onto a curious pocket book that she will not let anybody see. Cunning and his crew present up, additionally very within the pocket book, and assaults in an try to get it.

6. Little East Blue Arc Episodes 426-429

The Little East Blue Arc is a four-episode arc meant to steer straight into the One Piece Movie: Sturdy World. The story finds the Straw Hat Pirates on an island that’s just about a duplicate of East Blue, the place a lot of them are from. Whereas having fun with themselves, they’re attacked and captured by the Amigo Pirates, resulting in a battle between Luffy and the Amigo Pirates’ chief, Largo.

5. Z’s Ambition Arc: Episodes 575-578

The Z’s Ambition Arc is the primary One Piece arc to happen after the time skip. The episodes additionally act as a set-up for the movie, One Piece Movie: Z. Within the arc, the Straw Hat Pirates have made their approach into the New World, they usually abruptly find yourself surrounded by a fleet of Marine ships, as is usually the case in One Piece filler arcs however discover it is only a mirage attributable to the Maubeugemour Sea, which is thought for its weird climate.

4. Caesar Retrieval Arc: Episodes 626-628

This arc follows the kidnapping of Caesar Clown, who the Straw Hat Pirates have held captive on their ship, the Thousand Sunny. The story entails a number of totally different events who all wish to seize Caesar, together with the Straw Hat Pirates, attempting to recapture him after a mysterious particular person manages to kidnap him off their ship. Every occasion desires to make use of Caesar’s abilities as a scientist for a special function.

3. Silver Mine Arc: Episodes 747-750

The Silver Mine Arc is one other filler arc that takes place as a lead-up to a movie, on this case, One Piece Movie: Gold. Monkey and Bartolomeo are kidnapped by the Silver Mine Alliance and held captive in a big fortress situated within the pirates’ silver mine. They should work their approach via the mine, combating off pirates as they go, to flee.

2. Marine Rookie Arc: Episodes 780-782

Luffy has wasted the entire meals provides that the Sanji Retrieval Staff had, they usually’ve now run out of meals solely and are ravenous. To replenish their provide of meals, they break right into a Marine base. The group assaults and knocks unconscious some Marines to steal their uniforms, and as soon as they’re disguised, they go in to raid their meals shops, just for Luffy’s gluttony to get them caught.

1. Cidre Guild Arc: Episodes 895-896

The Cidre Guild Arc is one other filler arc that ties straight into a movie, One Piece: Stampede. Luffy has left the Thousand Sunny to get colas for the ship. He finds out the manufacturing unit the place he may get the cola is run by the Cidre Guild, a gaggle of bounty hunters who’ve been on the Straw Hat Pirates’ tail. On his approach, he runs into Boa Hancock, and the 2 of them face off in opposition to the bounty hunters collectively.

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