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Gum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Me: Virat Supports Sai for not changing her Identity



Ashwini prepares tea for the family and the parents of Pakhi. Happily, she steps to them and asks them when they arrived. Shailesh says, just a few minutes ago, and Vaishali says that Bhavani invited them.

Sai and Virat are walking down there, and She invites them and lets them sit down. Guruji joins the next one. Ashwini wonders why he’s been here. Bhavani says she called him to finish right last as Ashwini finished all the rituals except one. Ashwini asks for the ceremony.

Bhavani says karma samapti ceremony, where the groom chooses the bride’s name and asks the guruji to choose a word for Sayi that can relax her nature and ask Sonali to bring thali rice. Guruji says he’s searching Virat and Sayi’s kundali and Janma tithi, and he finds the name of the first letter, such as Ja, Ka, and Da. Sonali says that Ja’s Jwalamukhi. Karishma Ka is matching her name. Shivani is choosing Dabang.

Bhavani asks Virat to pick a new name and write it down on thali rice. Sayi says what to choose. Sayi is her only old and new name.

Ashwini says that she performed so many rituals and shouldn’t feel wrong about the last ritual. Sayi says that Aaba gave her this name and his last gift, even tattooed it on her hand, so she’s not going to change it. She asks Bhavani not to change her name because she will not change Aaba’s name before her last breath.

Bhavani says she’s not going to alter the meaning of the ritual with an emotional flow; every Bahu in this house has changed her name, her name was Chandrakala before marriage, Ashwini’s name was Sandhya, Sonali’s name was Madhuri, Karishma’s name was Sweety; they all changed their names to Chavan’s family, and even Chavan’s family had to be Bahu. Sonali says that Karishma is not a Marathi, even then.

Sayi wonders why they didn’t change the name of Pakhi at the time. Mansi says that Samrat, Pakhi’s husband, left home the next day after the wedding so that they couldn’t change her name. Virat is walking towards the rice thali, and he writes his name. Sayi thinks that he doesn’t know what he thinks of himself.

I just obeyed the family without bothering her feelings. Ashwini looks at the name and asks Sayi to look at what a beautiful name Virat has picked. Sayi cries that she’s not going to change her name, and everybody has to call her Sayi. Ashwini insists on that. Sayi turns and sees that sayi has been released.

Virat says that the name is the identity of a person and that it is his/her right to change or not; tells Bhavani that he/she respects Sayi’s feelings, and if Sayi does not want to change, he/she will not.

Bhavani is going away angrily. Vaishali tells Pakhi that Virat is now totally under Sayi’s influence, or else he wouldn’t have helped her against the whole family. Sonali asks Omkar why Sayi wants to be a physician rather than a lawyer or an actor because, with his justification, she fears everybody.

Bhavani greets Vaishali and Shailesh bye and asks him to come back often as Pakhi feels fine. Shailesh asks if they should take Pakhi home for a couple of days as she feels fine in Samrat’s absence. Bhavani is allowing.

Pakhi says she doesn’t want to go because she’s more worried about Samrat than she is about Mansi, and she wants to be with Mansi, the daughter of Shailesh and Chavan’s Bahu kin, and she can’t shy away from her responsibilities.

Bhavani praises the fact that Pakhi is a real Marathi mulgi, and she’s thrilled to get her as a bahu, to give her good sanskaras or other young ladies. Yeah, Shailesh, thank her. She asks them again to keep coming for the sake of Pakhi.

Sayi marches in the hallway while Devi grips her hand and insists on playing with her. Sayi says that she’s distracted. Devi says she’s like Pakhi, too, who never plays with her, nobody plays with her.

Sayi accepts; both of them walk to the lawn and play the move game. Devi says that Sayi is too sweet, but her mother is not good, and she is always scolded. Sayi asks why her mother scolded her and why she’s behaving like a child.

Devi says she was tall earlier and used to go to work. Sayi wonders what has happened. Devi says, “Mom, hospital, medication. Sayi wonders what happened in the hospital who gave her medication. Ninad and Omkar have passed by and heard their conversation scold Sayi to avoid bothering Devi.

She wonders why she should think and why they’re keeping her from discovering Devi’s history. Ninad proceeds to scream that she is not a member of her family to ask. Devi says they’re all scolding her except Sayi, Sayi is fine, and they’re all evil. Virat is entering.

Ninad asks him to take care of his wife while she wants to find out about Devi’s history. Virat is taking Sayi away. Ninad and Omkar are thinking of telling Bhavani and going to her room. Bhavani, looking for headache medication, senses their stress and asks for a reason.

They say that Sayi is trying to find out about Devi’s history. Bhavani is shouting at Sayi. Omkar says with all this if she thinks that Karishma is better than Sayi. Bhavani shouts that if a donkey wins the race, it won’t be a horse. She tells them to make sure that Sayi doesn’t dig into Devi’s history because if she finds out Devi’s reality, she doesn’t know what she will do.

Precap: Ashwini asks Sayi if she knows where Patrekha is. Sayi says she came to her room to take Virat’s headache medication and left soon. Karishma asks if Pakhi has disrupted their suhagraat. Virat takes Pakhi medication and says he’s going to take her to the hospital. Pakhi says he doesn’t have to think about her.

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