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Kumkum Bhagya: Robbers got nabbed



The robbers took Abhi to the antique jewelry room and started looking for the key. When they could not find it, they thought Prachi must have lied to them. Abhi supported her, saying Pragya has raised her. I trust her and her parenting skills. Prachi can never lie.

They got the key and then the necklace finally.

Meanwhile, Riya was worrying about Abhi. Pragya tried to console her, but Riya accused her of putting Abhi in danger. “Why did you let him go inside?” She asked. Prachi retaliated, “You are blaming mom as if she has sent papa.” “He is my dad and not your papa.” Riya reacted in anger.

Prachi said, “Both words mean the same and you can not change the fact.”

Riya then started accusing Prachi that she deliberately wasted time talking to Ramniklal despite knowing the gravity of the situation.

Prachi replied, “Do you think that it was an easy task and Ramniklal would tell me the secret in seconds? I still managed to come back in time.”

Riya said sarcastically, “You deserve the best rescue award for this.”

To support Prachi, Shahana also jumped into this argument, saying Riya deserves the title of ‘The most problematic girl.’

Riya reminded her that she was an outsider and must not interfere in their family matters. “Mind your language.” Said Riya. Shahana replied, “Then watch your words while talking to Prachi and I will also behave nicely with you.”

Pragya told Shahana not to fight. Riya said, “Let her continue. I know you lead them.”

Then Prachi and Riya started blaming each other. Pragya again tried to calm them. She said, “I know you both have certain misunderstandings but it is not the right time for that. I know your father more than you do. He knows his loved ones are in danger and he will do his best for their sake.”

Sarita Ji could sense that Pragya was concerned about the problems between Prachi and Riya. She tried to explain her, saying, “They both have different perspectives. They have been away for 20 long years. It will take time to form a close bond between them.” Pragya thought if both of them will ever unite?

Then Abhi appeared. Riya thanked God that he was safe and hugged him. Prachi also hugged him.

Pragya, too got emotional and started walking towards him. It seemed that she would also hug him, being overwhelmed, but she stopped near Prachi. The frame was captured like a family reunion.

Robbers packed jewelry and said, “You all must thank Mr. Mehra. We got the necklace, and you all survived because of him only. His daughter and his family bonding made our task more manageable.

They also kept their words of not harming anyone after getting the key and said, you all are free now.

Riya showed her stupidity again!

When everyone was about to go out peacefully, Riya took the jewelry she had bought and started moving out to tell the robbers that we have paid for it. You have got your necklace, let me take my jewelry too; however, they refused.

She initiated arguments with them, which later turned into huge chaos when one of the robbers pushed Abhi, and she got violent.

A nearly similar incident happened outside, too, due to which Ranbir, Aryan, Meera, and Aliya managed to get towards the main gate of the showroom, but it was locked from inside. They moved towards the back door.

Riya could not bear the robber hitting his dad. She started hitting him back. There was a state of complete pandemonium. Pragya told Riya not to worry. We are there. We will not let them harm you. Abhi managed to hold a robber at gunpoint and asked other robbers to throw their weapons.

Pragya, Prachi, Shahana, and Sarita Ji collected and threw those weapons; meanwhile, the robber tried to get his gun from Abhi that caused few gunfires in the air leading the gun to empty.

Robbers dominated again, and one of them shot at Abhi, and he was seen falling on the ground.

Another robber took Riya at gunpoint, saying that she was responsible for all this, and started counting down to shoot her. Riya was crying and started calling Abhi to save her. He gave no response. She also looked at Pragya and said, “Mom, please do something.” However, no one could think of anything at that moment.

And then the police reached the back door. They allowed Ranbir and his companions to come with them.

Before the robber could count 3, Abhi got up and snatched the gun from him. He was seen, alright.

Amidst this, a robber was stabbing people. When he started walking towards Prachi, suddenly Pragya came and managed to save her. Riya saw this and got hurt since she believed that Pragya made no effort to save her when she was in danger. While on the other side, when Abhi was trapped, Sarita Ji and Riya came to rescue them.

The police took over:

By that time, the police also reached and asked the robbers to surrender.

Ranbir and Aryan were also catching the robbers.

Meera’s concern for Riya:

Then entered Meera and Aliya. Meera was crying and evidently worried for Riya and hugged her tightly. Now it was Pragya’s turn to get hurt seeing this.

Sarita Ji noticed this. She then approached Abhi and said, “I have always seen Pragya struggling. Now, this is the time, she should also get happiness in her life. You are aware of what her happiness lies in. Promise me that you will sort everything out. You have two daughters too.” Abhi replied, “I promise that she gets whatever she wants.” Sarita Ji folded hands in gratitude.

They all were about to go to their respective homes. Meanwhile, Pragya congratulated Abhi and Meera. He got irritated and said, now you are getting rid of me.

Aliya asked Aryan to drop Pragya and her family home. They all started moving out.

Finally, only Abhi and Pragya were left in the room. They looked at each other and moved in opposite directions with many unanswered questions in their minds for each other.

Mehra’s family reached home. Pallavi and Vikram welcomed them with joy. Riya said that she had got her jewelry back with her. Abhi was concerned for Daljeet’s dadi, but Vikram told him that she was unaware of all this. They all wished each other good night and went to their respective rooms.

Prachi could sense that something was bothering Ranbir.

Aryan drove Pragya and her family home. Pragya was lost. She was recalling how Meera was hugging Riya. Prachi asked him if Ranbir was upset about something? Though Aryan knew, he revealed nothing. It made Prachi more confused. She still believed that something was bothering Ranbir.


Abhi reaches Pragya’s home with his wedding card. Pragya is shocked to see this.

Will Prachi be able to find out that why Ranbir was upset?

What is destined for Abhi and Pragya’s relationship?

Let’s wait for the update.


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