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Choti Sarrdaarni 24th December 2020 episode: Param nabbed by police for ‘theft’



After a tough and emotional day, Sarabjeet woke up the next morning with a smile and passion for earning money for their family. He told Meher not to stop him this time as he obeyed her request the last time. Meher was worried about his back pain, but Sarab ensured that he didn’t have any back pain that day and was fit and fine to go to work.

Meher agreed but requested him not to do any work that would require him to carry heavyweights. He agreed.

“Sarabjeet ji, you can go to work but first you must have your breakfast. Also, promise me that you won’t do any work that would involve you in carrying heavy weights like your previous jobs,” said Meher.

“I promise you I won’t do any work that will require me to carry weights,” assured Sarabjeet.

Param requested Meher to cook pizza for breakfast as he didn’t have pizza since he left the house. Meher and Sarabjeet looked at each other helplessly as they knew it was kind of impossible in view of their financial condition. Param understood his parents’ worry and said that he didn’t want it as he knew it was impossible.
“Meher mom, I just said it like that. I know we don’t have enough money to make a pizza. Leave it,” he said.

Meher smiled and said that she would make “world’s best pizza,” which would include lots of vegetables. Sarabjeet, too agreed on it. When Param asked how we will make the pizza and what kind of pizza it is, Meher smiled and replied that you would soon get a pizza.

Meher said, “This pizza is known as the world’s best pizza and its recipe is famous in a small village of Italy.”

The viewers see a happy family moment as Meher, Sarabjeet, and Param dance jovially while helping Meher make the pizza. After some time, Meher finally made an Indian style vegetable pizza, and Param said it was seriously the world’s best pizza.

Meanwhile, Kulwant was still worried as there was no clue where Meher and her family had gone. She instructed some people to find them as soon as possible else they would have to face a huge consequence. They asked for Meher’s information if they didn’t want their properties and lands to be confiscated by Kulwant.

Kulwant shouted, “If you don’t find Meher and her entire family within 28 hours, I will confiscate all your lands and properties.”

The locals had no option but to agree to her conditions. After they left, Kulwant continued praying for Meher and Sarabjeet’s safety and well-being.

At Meher’s house, Montu’s two friends peeked through the window pane inside the house. They saw Param and his family consuming pizza, and their mouths, too, started watering. When Meher noticed them, she directed Param to share his pizza with new friends. Param agreed and went outside to share his pizza with the girls.

Sarabjeet finally goes to work. He came across a man who offered him a job selling vegetables in the market. He warned Sarabjeet to be extra smart as the other vegetable vendors would never let him sell his veggies. He also kept a condition before Sarabjeet. He said that if he failed to sell at least half of the total vegetables on the stall, he wouldn’t pay him money.

The man said, “Saradarji, if you didn’t sell half of this stock then you won’t get any money.”

Sarabjeet accepted the challenge and asked, “What if I sell all the vegetables?”

The man replied, “Then I will pay you double the amount decided.”
Sarabjeet started working and observed his surroundings. He figured out a strategy to sell his vegetables and started singing to attract customers, and it worked for him. All customers flocked towards his stall and started buying vegetables.

On the other hand, Param and his new friends gladly started eating pizza. They apologized to Param for giving him the wrong idea of begging. Param accepted their apology and said that he would work hard instead of begging in the future.

“How do you all manage to earn money?” asked Param.

One of the kids replied, “By flattening tyres of the passersby or by pickpocketing.”

Param said it was wrong. Before he could continue, he was interrupted by Montu. He rushed towards them and asked his friends to run away as police officers were after them.

Montu accidentally dropped the stolen wallet at Param’s house. When Param picked it up, the cops saw Param with the wallet and suspected him to be the thief. They caught him and ordered him to come along with them despite several attempts to make them believe that he wasn’t a thief. Param shouted out Meher’s name, and she worriedly rushed outside looking for him. Meher was shocked to see Param with the cops.

Meher pleaded before the cops to leave him and told them confidently that he wasn’t a thief. But, they didn’t believe her and said that they had caught him with proof. They took him inside the police van. A lady constable pushed Meher away.

Meanwhile, the vegetable buyers continued to ask Sarabjeet several questions about his education, married life, etc. One of the customers questioned his capability of selling vegetables as he was educated and hardly knew about vegetables.

Sarabjeet denied and said that he could surely sell the vegetables. To test his assurity, the customers asked him how he would identify fresh ladyfingers, bottle gourd, and green chilies.

Sarabjeet replied, “I will break the lady finger and if you hear a smack sound, it is fresh. Also, if I insert my nail inside the bottle gourd and if you see juice coming out of it, the vegetable is fresh.”

To prove that the green chilly was spicy, Sarabjeet ate the chilly. All the customers were surprised by his passion for working.

Meher ran after the police van in which Param was being taken to the police station. Param and Meher continued to shout each other’s names.

Impressed by Sarabjeet’s hard work, the owner of the stall handed over Rs 1,000 to him. Sarabjeet thought that Meher would be happy after seeing the money.

Suddenly, Meher came crying towards him and informed him about Param. How will Sarabjeet and Meher manage to rescue Param from the cops? Watch tonight’s episode to know more.

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