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Lucifer is back



A name on everyone’s mouth and eyes awaiting part two of this incredible rollercoaster series named Lucifer.

About The Plot:

Lucifer – Being regarded as the fallen angel from heaven and was cursed to be the king of hell till eternity by the holy God. Lucifer, being bored in hell, comes upon the earth to have and enjoy some vacations and also owns a nightclub in Los Angelas called LUX.

Lucifer initially portrays himself as a very rich and wealthy multi-millionaire person who enjoys a luxurious life and renounces himself to be “The Devil – King of the Hell”.

No one believes him to be one as he seems like a normal human being to everyone until he unveils his original devil side in front of everyone around.

Currently, Lucifer has aired five seasons with part 2 of season 5 left in a cliffhanger situation and tagged as coming soon. Jumping on directly to Season 5, part 2. Let’s have a quick recap of what happened previously in Lucifer.

Season 1:
Aired On – January 25, 2016
Available On – Netflix
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Comedy-Drama
No. Of Episode – 13

Season 2:
Aired On – September 19, 2016
Available On – Netflix
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Comedy-Drama
No. Of Episode – 18

Season 3:
Aired On – October 2, 2017
Available On – Netflix
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Comedy-Drama
No. Of Episode – 26

Season 4:
Aired On – May 8, 2019
Available On – Netflix
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Comedy-Drama
No. Of Episode – 10

Season 5 Part 1:
Aired On – August 21, 2020
Available On – Netflix
Genre – Urban Fantasy/Comedy-Drama
No. Of Episode – 8

Lucifer Morningstar (a.k.a) the devil. Lands on the earth with her hell assistant Mazeekeen (a.k.a) Maze.

Landing on the earth lands Lucifer onto a controversial murder mystery of dear friend Delilah who was a popular musician. This murder mystery case was handed over to a cop named Chloe Decker (a.k.a) Detective.

Lucifer reaches the crime scene wherein Chloe and their team was investigating the case, and slowly Lucifer becomes a part of the team. He helps Chloe find the real truth hidden behind a person’s face through his unique ability to majoring people can carving out their deep hidden desires and finds out whether the suspect was the criminal or not.

But this mojo power doesn’t work on Chloe, and this thing fascinates Lucifer a lot. Lucifer and Chloe, together as a team, solved the case and continue to work as a team in the whole plot.

The interesting catch here is the Lucifer is immortal, and if he stays nearby Chloe, his immortality and superpowers don’t work well. In the course, God is not so happy with the vacation of Lucifer on earth and sends his other son Amanediel the angel.

He tries to send Lucifer back to hell, but Lucifer has decided to find out the mystery b/w him and Chloe as to why his mojo and mortality fail in front of Chloe. Chloe’s actual partner and her ex-husband, detective Dan Espinoza are not quite happy with the bond that Lucifer and Chloe were developing.

And one night, while solving a case, Lucifer caught a bullet saving Chloe, and Lucifer dies and goes to hell. But he made a deal with his father to return him back on earth from hell. After returning back, Lucifer finds out that someone else has also escaped from hell, and guess what, it is his mom.

Her mom possesses the body of a dead human whose case was handed over to Chloe and Lucifer. The lady was a detective named Charlotte.

And then Lucifer and Amamanadiel have a company, their third brother from heaven Uriel comes into existence. He makes Lucifer remember his part of the deal to return to hell. Otherwise, he’ll kill Chloe Decker.

In a brawl, Lucifer ends up killing his own brother by Azriel’s blade and gets stuck in his own hell loop. He somehow manages to escape out of hell and now back on earth. Meanwhile, Amamadiel and Mazekeen are getting close and start to have an intimate affair without telling Lucifer about it.

God punishes Amanadiel for having sex with a demon by taking away his power to slow time and his strength. And then its time for some farewell, Lucifer’s mom, in the body of Charlotte Richards, goes back to hell.

Leaving the Charlotte back here, and all this while Detective Dan Espinoza falls in love with Charlotte Richards, and when she comes back. She didn’t realize that why is Dan acting weird around her but eventually she realized that what exactly happened with her and she chooses the life with Dan.

But our Mr. Villain kills Charlotte while she was ina conversation with a great friend (Amanadiel) and then Amanadiel flies the dead Charlotte into the heaven and leave her at the gate of the heaven.

All this while no one believed Lucifer to be the devil in spite of Dr. Linda Lucifer’s therapist.

But eventually, in a crime scene which was full of brawls and bullets firing and in the combat Lucifer real face (the devil face) came in front and Chloe see’s that and gets shocked.

Lucifer indeed has a soft corner for Chloe, but he is hiding it from her just because he knows that one day he would need to return back to the place he came from.

After when Chloe actually see’s the devil face, she goes in shock, so as to what just exactly happened and where this bond is leading with mixed feelings and emotions, he tries to talk to Lucifer and ask him to keep all the terms to just professionalism.

Another surprise was waiting for Lucifer as his 1st love “The Eve” came on the earth. There was old mythology according to which when Lucifer will meet his 1st love again, the earth will be on the phase of destruction, and Eve was doing the same she took out the ruthless and evil side of the devil, which Lucifer was constantly hiding from everyone.

Chloe is jealous of seeing Lucifer and Eve together but still doesn’t says anything. And after Lucifer breaks up with Eve, Mazekeen becomes her support and be a supportive one towards her and falls in love with Eve. But Eve, too, returned back, leaving Mazikeen all alone again.

After all the fuss happened, Chloe decided to confront Lucifer, and finally, they had a conversation in which they confessed the feeling they both had for each other, and at the end of Season 4, the king of hell returns back to hell as the demons of hell went on a revolt against Lucifer and tried to kill Amanadiel’s & Linda’s son.

Part of 1 Season has been the most interesting and controversial one as Micheal. Twin brother of Lucifer comes down to the earth from heaven, and everyone thinks that Lucifer is back, even Chloe.

But eventually, Chloe learns that he is not Lucifer and then Amanadiel flies down to the hell to contact Lucifer and tells him the scenario up there, angry Lucifer at Micheal then comes back to the earth and have a brutal fight with his brother, and there Chloe finds the truth and reality.

The part ended on a cliffhanger where Amanadiel, Lucifer, and Micheal are having a fight, and God enters. Part 2 Season 5 is coming really soon now. According to leaks, it is said that everything is prepared is ready, and this part also has eight episodes, which will be going on air on Netflix by the end of January 2020.

Lucifer enthusiasts its a good news for you guys, Lucifer is coming back in business really soon.

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