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Imlie does Malini makeup



As the episode begins, Imlie is peeling peas and singing a song. She throws a pea on Sundar. Sundar asks her, “why you hit me with pea?”.Imlie says sorry to Sundar. Again Imlie throws a pea on Sundar. Sundar gets angry at Imlie. Sundar says, “why are you throwing peas on me knowingly and then saying sorry”.

Imlie says, “I am saying sorry to this pea, not you. This pea got hit by you”. Sundar calls Imlie a fool. Sundar and Imlie start fighting. Taiji comes there. She asks, “what is happening here?”. She says, “nobody cares about work.” Imlie says, “I am working, but this Sundar is not working”. Imlie asks Taiji, “Is there any problem?”.

Taiji says, “there are so many works, the guests will come to see Malini in the evening”. Imlie says that she will do all work. Sundar also agrees. Taiji says “we have to do some rituals to protect Malini from any evil eye. Imlie says that she will do the preparations. Aparna comes there.

She asks Taiji “why are you looking so worried?”. Taiji says “there are so many works to do , guests are also coming in the evening”. Aparna says “you just go and take rest , everything will be done”. Malini is sitting alone and thinking about her mother. Aditya comes there.

He asks Malini “why are you crying?”. She says “I am missing mom after talking to her”. She tells Aditya that everyone misunderstoods Anu due to her angry behaviour. Aditya asks “is she worried due to something?”. Malini says “mom and dad are very diffrent , their thoughts are very different”.

She says that she was the only common factor between them, they both loved her. She says that her mother must be feeling very alone. Aditya says “today is your first day after marriage, I don’t want you to be sad due to anything”. Aditya tells Malini that today nobody will cry.

Malini tells Aditya to promise her that he will always talk to her softly and will always listen to her. She says “we will try to solve every misunderstanding by talking and telling each other truth”. Aditya agrees and he hugs Malini. Rupali , Nidhi come there with Make up girl. Nidhi says “I didn’t see anything”.

Rupali says “I saw everything, you both are not allowed to meet in alone till evening”. Nidhi asks Malini “how did you make my rude brother in law a romantic person?”. Rupali introduces Parul who will do Malini’s make up. Rupali says to Parul “this is our new bride, you have to do her makeup and make her more beautiful”.

Rupali tells Aditya that till evening , its girls time. Nidhi says “we want to ask Malini everything about your and Malini’s relation. She says, “we have so many things to talk”. Rupali tells Aditya to go. Aditya goes from there. Sundar is doing preparations for some rituals. Imlie goes near him. She asks him, “what are you doing ?”.

He tells Imlie, “I am doing the preparations for some rituals. Imlie says, “You don’t know anything, I will do the preparations in Pagdandiya style.” Imlie burns some fire to spread its smoke. She wants to protect Malini from any bad thing. As the smoke spreads in the house, All family members gather there.

Pankaj asks Aparna “from where is this smoke coming ?”. Everyone notices that Imlie is spreading smoke in the house. Aparna asks Imlie “what are you doing ?”. Imlie tells her that she wants to protect Malini from any bad thing. Aditya goes there. He asks everyone “what is happening?”.

Parul is doing Malini’s makeup. Rupali tells Parul “do you best and make her more beautiful.” Suddenly, the smoke spreads in the room. Malini and others start coughing. Nidhi and Rupali take Malini out of the room. Parul starts coughing very badly. She isn’t able to breathe. Dhruv and Nidhi take Parul outside. Aditya gets very angry. As he looks towards Imlie to scold her, he notices Imlie is doing her punishment.

Aditya says, “I am going to open their windows.” Malini goes near Imlie. She says, “you don’t need to punish yourself.” Pankaj tells Malini that it’s a rule made by Imlie. Everyone gets punishment for their mistake. Aparna tells Malini to come with her. Sundar goes near Imlie.

He tries to annoy Imlie. Imlie gets angry at him. Aparna says sorry to Malini. She says, “it was my first day to do something for you, but I failed”. Taiji says that Nidhi and Rupali took Parul to the Doctor. Taiji says, “we still have one idea”. Aparna asks Imlie to do Malini’s makeup. Imlie says that she can’t do it.

Aparna says, “you can do it, and please do her makeup”. Imlie denies it again. Malini comes there. Malini requests Imlie to do her makeup. Malini says, “you promised me that you will always help me, but you are leaving me now”. Imlie says, “I can help you with anything, but I can’t do this”.

Malini requests Imlie again. Imlie agrees to do Malini’s makeup. As Imlie holds the brush, her hands start to tremble. Malini says that she trusts Imlie. Imlie can do her makeup. Imlie is still trembling. Malini tells Imlie, “it’s okay if you aren’t comfortable. I don’t want to force you”. Imlie tells Malini that I don’t know about this modern makeup. I can do it in pagdandiya style. Malini tells Imlie, “then, do it in pagdandiya style”.

Aditya asks Aparna “who will help Malini in getting ready ?”. Aparna tells Aditya that Imlie is doing Malini’s makeup. Aditya says, “why you told her to do it?”. Aditya goes to see Malini. Imlie starts doing Malini’s makeup in her village style. She prepares everything by herself and starts doing Malini’s makeup.

Malini tells Imlie, “I will do your makeup at the time of your wedding”. She asks Imlie, “you learned all this from your mother ?”. Imlie gets emotional. Malini asks Imlie “you are crying because I asked you about your mother”. Later, Aditya knocks on the door. As Imlie opens the door, Aditya looks at Malini. Aparna and Taiji come there. They praise Imlie for her work.

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