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Choti Sardarni 5th January 2021 episode: Please believe me Sarab ji, pleads Meher



Meher was very confident that Tarkash would never attend their party that day, and even if he did, he wouldn’t get Aarti and Ritu along. But her prediction went wrong after all of them showed up at the party.

While noticing Aarti, Meher was sure that she had covered her injuries with heavy makeup. She noticed an injury on her forehead that Aarti forgot to hide with makeup. She immediately asked her before everyone why there was an injury on her forehead.

“Aarti ji, why is there injury on your forehead?” asked Meher.

Aarti faked a smile and replied, “Oh this, it happened after I fell in the washroom and banged my head on the basin accidentally. Don’t worry, Tarkash ji is getting my injury treated by a doctor.”

Meher knew she was lying but couldn’t prove it. Sarabjeet got angry at Meher over the embarrassing fact of questioning Tarkash for nothing in front of everyone. Meher said that Aarti was lying and Tarkash is a monster.

“What do you want to prove by doing all this Meher? It was so embarrassing for me. Why are you questioning him just for the sake of your stubbornness,” shouted Sarabjeet?

“My stubbornness?” asked Meher.

“No Meher, not your stubbornness. It’s your ego and misunderstanding. I am shocked that you are not ready to believe me,” said Sarabjeet.

Meher shouted, “I should have said this. Why don’t you believe me? It must be possible that Aarti is lying as she must be scared of Tarkash? It was my fault. I shouldn’t have asked this question to her in front of Tarkash. I should have asked her in private.”

“It’s just your doubtful nature that is ruining everything. Even God doesn’t have medicine to this nature,” said Sarabjeet.

Meher felt it was useless arguing with Sarabjeet without any proof against Tarkash. She changed the topic and asked him to join the party downstairs as everyone was waiting for them. He refused to come. Downstairs, Karan started crying, and Meher asked Param to call Sarabjeet as she knew he would surely come for the sake of Karan. What she thought went true.

Meanwhile, Meher took her brother to an uncrowded room to convince him regarding her wife’s wish to work.
“Why are you not letting my sister-in-law go for work?” asked Meher.

He replied, “I think you and Amrita, both have lost yours minds. How can I let her go to work? What will people think about me, that I can’t raise my family? Will it look good that my wife would go to work?”

Meher said, “Think calmly about this situation. In future, in case you fall ill and you aren’t able to go to work. Amrita will give you money for your mother, will you take it?”

He shouted, “How can I ever take that money? She is my mother and it is my responsibility to take care of her.”

“Exactly, the way you care about your mother, she cares about her mother. Her mother has got her educated and what is wrong if she wants to take responsibility for her mother?” asked Meher.

After lots of efforts made by Meher, he finally agreed to Meher’s advice. Amrita came into the room as she heard their conversation. He hugged her and apologized to her.

Suddenly, Meher saw Tarkash and threatened Aarti in another corner of the room.

“Why didn’t you hide this scar when I had clearly told you that nobody should get to know the truth behind this scar?” said Tarkash.

“If I wanted to tell everyone, why did I lie there? The scar was left by mistake,” cried Aarti.

She secretly watched his actions and thought that it was the best time to get Sarab and reveal the truth to him. She went out and begged Sarabjeet to come with her and witness the truth herself. The moment both went at the spot, the opposite of what Meher thought was happening in front of her eyes. Tarkash held Aarti’s hands and pretended to be a loving husband. Sarabjeet fumed with anger and requested Meher to leave her stubbornness. After they left, Tarkash turned wicked again and threatened Aarti again.

Kulwant Kaur enjoyed the party to its fullest. When she saw Amrita and her husband coming happily, she felt something fishy. She asked her son why they were happy? He replied that Meher had explained that he should let Amrita work, and he had finally agreed.

Meher saw Ritu with Param and Yuvi in another room. They both asked Ritu why she was so upset? Meher thought it was better to ask Ritu about the truth as Aarti was too scared. She went to her and asked her how her mother got the wound on her forehead.

Ritu recalled how her father had threatened her at their home. He had warned her to be quiet at the party else he would beat her mother. Ritu did not reply to Meher’s question. Tarkash entered the room and told Meher that she was too shy like her mother.

He left the room and went to Aarti. Tarkash came and ordered her to get her daughter back and make an alibi of a headache to leave the party before anyone caught them red-handed.

Suddenly, Harleen came and asked her where she was going and why she looked worried. Tarkash replied that she was looking for a washroom and couldn’t find it as she is new to the house. Harleen told her to come fast and join the party.

Ritu told Param that she wasn’t smiling as her father didn’t like it in the other room. Param asked that she hadn’t laughed in the past even after her friends shared jokes? She replied that she didn’t have any friends. Param said that even he didn’t have friends when he was at his new nest, but he too made friends.

On the other hand, Robby secretly came outside the house to attend the party and asked Harleen to forgive her.

“I know why you have come here. Your money must have finished. Here, take these 20,000 bucks and leave the house. After such a long time, there is happiness in this house. Don’t ruin it with your presence,” said Harleen.

Aarti was happy to see Ritu smiling and laughing after a long time. She was happy for her and said to herself that she was ready to get some more thrashing for the sake of her daughter’s smile.

After some time, Kulwant commenced a Kawali program and divided two teams — one of the men and one of the women. Harleen figured out that there was something not okay between Sarabjeet and Meher. She gave a challenge to both Sarabjeet and Meher to end their fight.

“There will be two teams in this contest. One will be of the girls and one of the guys. The guys team will be led by Sarabjeet and the girls team by Meher. If Meher wins this challenge, Sarabjeet will have to agree to Meher and visa versa,” announced Harleen.

Who will win the Kawali challenge – Meher or Sarabjeet? Will Meher finally bring out Tarkash’s real face in front of Sarabjeet? Watch tonight’s episode to find out more.

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