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Choti Sardarni 8th January 2021 episode: Param bunks his class



Choti Sardarni 8th January 2021

Today’s episode began on a very jovial note as the viewers’ saw a happy family moment in the Gill Mansion. With the beginning of the first day of 2021, Meher and Sarabjeet’s love continued to bloom. Param and Karan, too, greeted the day with a bright smile on their faces.

Sarabjeet pulled Meher close to him on the bed and wished the day would never end. Meher smiled and woke him up. After some time, Meher started jotting down her New Year resolutions on a paper. On being asked, she showed Param her resolutions.

Meher said, “My New Year’s resolution is that I would take out most of the time for my family. I would love you all more. And Karan’s New Year resolution is that she would try to weep less this year.”

Excited Param, too, narrated his New Year resolution. He said, “I won’t throw leftover milk in the basin.”

Meher and Sarabjeet stared at him, surprised, and he apologized to them. He said, “I am sorry Meher mother and father for throwing milk in the past. But, I have realized that it was wrong on my part and so I would never repeat it again. Please forgive me.”

Param’s sincere apology made Meher and Sarabjeet forgive him. When Param asked Sarabjeet about his New Year resolution, Sarab replied that he didn’t have any as he was already a ‘perfect jatt’.

Meher disagreed with him and handed him a pen and a paper to write down the resolutions that Meher would give him. She started narrating to him the resolutions and told him to follow them this year.

Meher said, “Resolution number 1, Sarabjeet Singh Gill will never throw wet towels on bed. Resolution number 2, Sarabjeet Singh Gill will never stare at me while driving.”

Sarabjeet said, “No, no, no. This I can’t do. I have such a beautiful wife and it is impossible not to stare at her.”

“Saradarji, I don’t want any big accident to happen because of your love,” she said.

Sarabjeet finally agreed, and at last, he wrote his resolution and said that he would love Meher more this year. Meher smiled and stared at him. Param said that since it was the first day, whatever would happen that day would happen the entire year. Sarabjeet got romantic after hearing Param and whispered to Meher that he would give lots of hugs and kisses so that it happens every day.

On the other hand, Kulwant Kaur wished her daughter-in-laws Happy New Year and told them to do her task to get their gifts. She asked them to add ‘nada’ in their pajamas. Amrita did her task quietly while Ginni complained and used a knife to add the ‘nada.’ Kulwant gave them a shock when she said she would give them the same kurtas and pajamas, and Ginni got the torn one.

In the Gill Mansion, Harleen gifted Param the latest model tablet. Param jumped with joy and showed the tab to Meher. She got upset and told him to return it to Harleen.

“This isn’t your age to play with tabs. You are already spending a lot of time watching television. Also, your exams are round the corner. Please return the tab to Harleen bua,” said Meher.

“Meher, why are you overthinking?” asked Harleen.

Sarabjeet told Meher to ignore and said that Param would forget the tab after some time, like kids forget their toys after getting bored. Meher agreed but was worried inside.

After some time, Meher started feeling weak again and fell to the ground. She lost consciousness. An hour later, the doctor informed Sarabjeet and Harleen that she needed a proper diet and rest as her blood pressure was shallow. Sarabjeet recalled how Meher used to stay hungry when they lived in the hut and felt he was entirely responsible for Meher’Meher’s condition.

Sarabjeet cried, “It is all my fault Meher ji. In the past when we had stayed in that hut, I know you used to eat the least and at times even skipped your meals to fill our stomachs. No matter what our lifestyle was that time, I should have ensured you got enough food. I am responsible for this state of yours Meher ji.”

Meher assured him that he was a good husband, and it is not at all his fault. Harleen told Meher to rest and said that she would take Param’s responsibility till she would recover. Sarabjeet promised Meher that he would take care of her and ensure that she recovered soon.

After some time, Sarabjeet got salad and fruit juice for Meher. She refused to eat as her stomach was already full. But Sarabjeet urged her to eat, and he served her himself. Both of them had a romantic moment.

In the other room, Param requested Harleen not to send her to attend the class that day as he wanted to play more with the tab. She agreed.

Later in the day, Meher received a call from Param’s teacher. She complained that he didn’t attend the class that day and asked if he would attend future classes.

Param’s teacher said, “Meher ji, Param didn’t attend today’s class as he said that he wasn’t at home. I wanted to ask if he would attend the lecture tomorrow and other days as well?”

Meher got angry and went to Harleen’s room to scold Param. Her anger boiled more after she saw Param still playing with the tab. She snatched the tab from his hand and shouted at him.

“Why didn’t you attend the class today when I had clearly told you to do so?” asked Meher.

Harleen defended Param and replied, “What is the need to get so angry? He is a royal family child. What would happen if he won’t attend the class only for a day?”

Will Param listen to Meher and leave the tab, or will he get addicted to his tab? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.

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