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Best Leftovers Ever Review: If you too like to cook with leftovers, This show is for you



Host Jackie Tohn (GLOW), on a brilliant set with goliath milk containers and Chinese food takeout holders, says, “This is that extras show, you know, the one that instructed you that treating the soil resembles extras for Mother Earth?” 

Best Leftovers Ever! is a cooking show where three home gourmet specialists, who are competent at making extraordinary suppers out of extras, are tested to work with whatever bonuses they’re given to produce excellent quality, pleasing dishes.

Joining Tohn at the appointed authority’s table is restauranteur/entertainer/influencer David So and culinary expert/essayist Rosemary Shrager. 

The home culinary specialists are given two difficulties, and the consequences of both figure out who wins the $10,000 prize for doing the most with their extras.

The primary scene’s subject is “comfort food”; in the preliminary test, the culinary specialists are given a lot of generally substantial bonuses.

Similar to a veggie serving of mixed greens with feta, some pork tenderloin with beets, cauliflower rice, and “some kind of avocado with curds,” Tohn says. The test is to make a solace food dish from those fixings, and whatever flavors and extra assistant fixings are in the storeroom, all shortly.

The thought is to use a number of the different dishes would be prudent — however, two out of the three gourmet experts admirably choose to avoid the cauliflower rice. 

In the subsequent test, we look in “Jackie’s cooler,” which appears to have a great deal of shrimp in it. There are three sacks, all with extra cheap food staples — chicken tenders, a hamburger, and French fries, and a fish sandwich, all with fries — and “make something extravagant,” as Tohn says.

The gourmet specialists have an hour to do it. At that point, they venture into the Chinese food takeout holder (which we as a whole know is intended to crease out and go about as a plate, right?) During the appointed authorities present. 

Slashed style cooking shows like Best Leftovers Ever!

Need only a couple of components to make them work. They need culinary specialists with a character who appears to make something incredible out of unusual or not very good fixings.

Furthermore, the show’s need has that have huge loads of character yet attempt to keep far removed of the cooking activity that is going on. In such a manner, Best Leftovers Ever! is batting around .750. 

The issue doesn’t lie in the gourmet specialists, who have heaps of character, who are having some good times, ignore themselves. Have some genuinely imaginative thoughts regarding utilizing extras that have quite a bit of their flavor previously decided, through a covering or sauce or dressing.

The difficulties appear to be testing enough and having two of them show that times in at a little more than 30 minutes feels like the correct speed. A third test probably won’t have demonstrated enough insight regarding how the contenders are faring, so regardless of whether two may feel a bit cumbersome, it works better eventually. 

No, the issue we’re having here is at the adjudicators’ table. We love Tohn in both GLOW and appearances on game shows like 25 Words Or Less, yet here she resembles she’s making a decent attempt to fill the show with kitschiness.

She even sings a tribute to extras toward the finish of every scene.

Try not to misunderstand us; Tohn does a great deal with the dead time. In any case, there just felt like there were times where she needed to dial back the kookiness and be smart or jokey.

Shrager attempts excessively hard, as well, yet those occasions are less. So is by all accounts the most balanced of the three, which assists tone with bringing down the over-energy of Tohn and Shrager. 

We do like the part of indicating a portion of the manners in which the adjudicators kill time when they’re not seeing what the culinary experts are doing; them three attempted to throw cheddar balls in one another’s mouths in a single occurrence. That vibe is imperative to a show about extras; we trust Tohn, and the appointed authorities sink into somewhat, to a lesser degree, a performative vibe. 

Tohn sings about extras while seeing a montage of scenes from the scene, moderate movement, and delicate core interest. Here, it’s the gourmet specialists and their food. We know individuals who can transform extras into good dishes; we’ve done that without anyone’s help now and again. In any case, in no way like we found in this scene. There’s a ton of imagination and cooking expertise in those dishes. 

The prize is an old Corningware blue cornflower goulash dish (which without anyone else could be worth cash if it’s a genuine vintage piece); Tohn gives it the cheesy line, “We’re giving you a casserole!” Get it? Since it accompanies $10,000 money? 


STREAM IT. Notwithstanding the show’s excessively senseless tone, Best Leftovers Ever! is a great show that displays some generally excellent home gourmet specialists’ abilities.

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