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Never Kiss Your Best Friend Series Review: A cute rom-com story especially for the millenials



Never Kiss Your Best Friend, adjusted from Sumrit Sahi’s book of a similar name, stars Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh as closest companions Sumer and Tanie.

What’s more, the Zee5 arrangement accompanies a legal admonition in its title itself.

Be that as it may, prepare to have your mind blown. Sumer and Tanie didn’t pay regard to the notice and wound up doing what prompted them. The arrangement starts with 27-year-old Tanie Brar (Anya Singh) in a bar.

Not because she has an occurrence but since she goes through her end of the week with her exhausting chief. Only for the free liquor. Nonetheless, life takes a turn when she recognizes her previous closest companion Sumer Singh Dhillon (Nakuul Mehta).

The two have a not all that event gathering. This takes them back to when they initially met in Sumer’s home. It was a reasonably abnormal presentation. Tanie went into the washroom to assuage herself.

Sumer was there stroking off to pornography in the bath. After their bizarre meet, the two become closest companions in the end.

The arrangement spins around their insane bond and the high points and low points in their relationship. The two are consistently there for one another. Can examine anything under the sun from their first kiss to torment. Tanie describes the ten-section arrangement.

Who is regularly seen beaking the fourth divider, similar to Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag? These assist watchers with manufacturing an association with the character. Anya Singh, who made her Bollywood debut with Habib Faisal’s Qaidi Band.

Makes an impressive rebound in the arrangement. 37-year-old Nakuul Mehta played the 20 something Sumer easily. All he needed to do was dispose of his beard.

The entertainer effortlessly progressed from an adult to a school kid in the flashback scenes. Nakuul’s fans will adore him as Sumer, who accepts life as it comes.

Nakuul and Anya share an extraordinary on-screen science as well.

The arrangement brags of a decent outfit cast that incorporates Niki Aneja, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Vivek Mushran, and Rituraj Singh. Niki and Vivek play Anya’s folks, and Suchitra and Rituraj are Nakuul’s.

Niki was lovable as the noisy Punjabi mother who is overprotective about her girl. While Rituraj was superb as Vikram, who imparts a broken relationship to his child Sumer. Aside from managing the more-than-companions disorder.

The arrangement likewise manages subjects like homophobia, peer critical factor, medications, and open connections. It’s a pleasant tale around two companions who slowly understand that they could be something beyond that.

With a surge of wrongdoing thrill rides, Never Kiss My Best Friend is a basic story that recent college grads can undoubtedly identify with.

Even though a transformation, the creators have presented plenty of changes and have not followed the novel.

The whole piece shot in London is a treat to the eyes.

Regardless of whether it’s the leads going for a walk on Westminster Bridge or having supper by the Thames.

The music merits an uncommon notice.

Jaane Na Dunga Kahin, sung by Armaan Malik, and Jee Na Paunga by Vishal Mishra, can be played on a circle.

The arrangement is gorge commendable, with scenes not longer than 25 minutes each.

We thoroughly suggest it.


The movie can be well enjoyed by those who love rom-com movies and series.  A cute love story about two friends sharing a bond. 

You will enjoy watching the whole movie without a doubt.  The critics have rated this movie for around three and a half stars from 5 stars.

But a viewer rating may differ from likings and preferences. The viewer’s average rating is somewhere around four stars.

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