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The Sky Is Pink Movie Review: A worth the watch for sure



The movie’s Star Cast is  Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, Rohit Suresh Saraf. Shonali Bose directs this movie.

The Sky Is Pink’s initial shot is a vacant pool in an opulent Chhatarpur (Delhi) home in the dead of night. She is joined by a melancholic and melodic murmuring of a kid. We see the mother, Aditi Chaudhary (Priyanka Chopra), slide out of her bed. Stroll into her little girl Aisha’s (Zaira Wasim) space to locate a neglected bed. Covered it with curtains and pixie lights. In the next adjacent room, Niren Chaudhry (Farhan Akhtar), the dad. It makes him fully aware of discover his better half absent and goes to comfort her.

They manage a feeling of emptiness after the last kid left home. Yet, the circumstance isn’t just about the youngster moving out.

Through Aisha’s voice, the film rapidly clarifies that she is dead. She asks you not to feel sorry for her but instead, the film demands in any case. Directly at the beginning, you can gather that the movie will hand-hold you through these characters’ existences. She gives you consistent prompts of when to cry and when to giggle. Without permitting minutes like the initial scene, the guardians are wrestling with forlornness and misfortune. To sit on its enthusiastic legitimacy.


A group of four needs to wrestle with the inevitable passing of an adolescent little girl.

The film needs to be ‘adorable’ and a ‘tragedy.’ It needs you to like the characters so much that their misfortune breaks you. It won’t make do with the thoughtfulness of death and misfortune.

The film requests dramatization and showy behavior. The exertion and computations made to make it a “moving film” are evident in its visuals. The experience score that you can see yourself being unmitigatedly controlled.

On the whole, there are the common elements of ‘charm.’ Brilliant tones, peppy tunes, young doggies, high school pounds, silly monikers. Utilized deliberately to intensify bitterness.

The film goes to and fro self-assertively, wandering into subplots that exist exclusively. To summon suppositions without amounting to the film’s account. You are exhausted by being played. It’s difficult to like the unavoidable consummation.

The befuddled film isn’t sure what it needs to say or portray. The effect of death on those who gave up? The passionate commencement of a terminal ailment on the individual and her family? The way of thinking of bliss or living at the time? The contrasting manners by which a dad and the mother cycle sorrow?

The film needs to pack in all things and winds up as a farrago of every one of its aspirations. It needs to say something regarding early termination. The privilege of life (utilizing a ridiculous Christianity divert). Which makes no durable contention.

In 2009, The Lovely Bones utilized a young lady’s comparative gadget addressing the crowd after her demise.

She sees her family hooking in manners one can’t ethically pass judgment. Utilizing this gadget of the ‘storyteller from the past.’

The Lovely Bones (particularly the novel) draws out the ethical uncertainty and vulnerability. Which has an irreplaceable task to carry out in handling this sorrow. However, in The Sky is Pink. This gadget is one more paltry instrument to control your feelings or to go to and fro as expected.

The departure of a kid is also from numerous points of view on the passing of a future. For this situation, the reason for a mother’s life. There’s also coerce and its cost on the connection between the guardians. Bunny Hole (2010) avoids banalities of injury by drawing out the ordinary occasions and sheer vacancy that frequent you.

Despite its comfortable 140-minute runtime, the Sky Is Pink needs to make each beat and feeling a “second.” Denying the frequency of ordinariness to enter the film in any capacity. Chopra, Akhtar, and Wasim, the entertainers, act pair with producer Shonali Bose’s vision of a performed film. With senseless hair stylings to exhibit maturing.

It’s a shame that this film has a fantastic genuine story as its source material. Yet its sole fixation is to make you either giggle or cry. The Sky Is Pink is maybe lucky to be named, ‘Now and again Happy Sometimes Sad.’

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