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Where To Buy Baby Yoda Squishmallow



baby yoda

Looking to buy Baby Yoda Squishmallow? Try these places

Squishmallows have taken over as the new Webkinz for the Gen Z swarm and all things considered. The soft, very huggable toys are popular and have been all through the pandemic. That is to say, what kid (or grown-up) would not worship being ameliorated by a soft Baby Yoda or unicorn? 

The toy’s crazy notoriety has brought a shortage, and Squishmallows are as of now elusive at numerous retailers. To take care of frantic guardians, particularly as Easter is approaching with elite extravagant toys, we have adjusted a couple of Squishmallows that you can, in any case, discover online at select retailers like Amazon, Target, and then some. In the event that the particular sort of Squishmallow you are searching for is not available, however, you may have better karma at your neighborhood toy store, also.

What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are basically the best in class in the cuddly rich toy area of the market. Each Squishmallow accompanies its own name and remarkable bio, like Beanie Babies, and takes after a creature or Disney character. These toys are ideal for little children since they are conservative, delicate, and made to be embraced. With so numerous needing solace during the pandemic, it makes sense that is the reason they have been selling out by the thousand. 

Squishmallows come in numerous shapes and sizes, from 5 inches to an incredible 24 inches. You will discover numerous that looks like your #1 characters, including Star Wars choices like a Baby Yoda Squishmallow or Chewbacca Squishmallow (the Chewbacca is as yet accessible at Costco), occasional occasion Squishmallows, food-themed Squishmallows (like the pined for Scarlet the Strawberry), and then some. Their collectibility makes them even more pursued, with specific assortments exchanging on destinations like eBay at very significant expenses.

Where can you buy Squishmallows?

Notwithstanding the current interest, you do not need to follow through on insane costs to get a Squishmallow. In spite of the fact that most retailers do not right now convey them in a colossal scope of animals, many actually have Squishmallows accessible. 

It’s significant that Claire’s is as yet conveying many Squishmallows, so in case you are searching for an assortment, they may be a decent spot to begin. The lone admonition is that, by and large, you can just pick one dependent on size, not the particular plushy you are searching for. It’s a bet. Furthermore, in case you’re hoping to gain any sort of Squishmallow, secret boxes accessible through retailers like Amazon and Target are likely your smartest choice to get one straight away. 

Explored’s nurturing editorial manager, Anna Lane, says that the individuals who are experiencing difficulty discovering Squishmallows should go to nearby free toy stores, noticing that they regularly have things in stock that the large box stores have sold out of. You can likewise check Squishmallows website for the entirety of the accessible retailers close to you, which may have a more extensive assortment in stores contrasted with on the web. 

The following are retailers that actually have some Squishmallows in stock on the web. 


  • Get the Squishmallow 5 inch Leonard The Rainbow Mane Lion from Amazon for $ 13.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow Scented Mystery Squad Bag 8 inch Plush Series 1 from Amazon for $ 22.38 
  • Get the Squishmallow Flip-A-Mallows 5 inch Keely The Kangaroo and Kirk The Koala from Amazon for $ 22.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows Squish- Doos 8 inch Beula The Purple Octopus Plush Toy from Amazon for $ 24.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows Plush Stuffed Toy Buzz Lightyear from Amazon for $ 28.99


  • Get the Squishmallow 11 inch Fairy Butterfly Plush from Target for $ 9.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow 11 inch Tang Plush from Target for $ 9.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows 20 inch Easter Day Bunnycorn from Target for $ 19.99


  • Get the Squishmallows Pegacorn from Walmart for $ 2.98 
  • Get the Squishmallows Bunny Tie Dye Candy 12 inch from Walmart for $ 9.98 
  • Get the Squishmallow Easter 8 inch Blake the Gray Bunny from Walmart for $ 24.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow Ilene The Unicorn 8 Inch Stuffed Plush Toy from Walmart for $ 35


  • Get the Squishmallows 5 inch Easter Plush Toy from Claire’s for $ 9.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows 5-inch Avocado Plush Toy from Claire’s for $ 9.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows Flip-A-Mallows 5 inch Plush Toy from Claire’s for $ 12.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows 12 inch Claire’s Unicorn Plush Toy from Claire’s for $ 29.99 
  • Get the Squishmallows Flip-A-Mallows 12 inch Plush Toy from Claire’s for $ 32.99 

Toynk Toys

  • Get the Squishmallow 8 Inch Scented Blind Bag Plush from Toynk Toys for $ 24.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow 12 Inch Valentine’s Day Plush Baron the Bear from Toynk Toys for $ 29.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow 12 Inch Plush Pink Tie-Die Unicorn from Toynk Toys for $ 31.99 
  • Get the Squishmallow 16 Inch Pillow Plush Leonard the Rainbow Mane Lion from Toynk Toys for $ 44.99


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