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Kundali Bhagya, 25th Nov 2020, Sarla Arrested



Kundali Bhagya
Nov 25, 2020 episode begins with police arresting Sarla and taking her with them. Sherlyn follows them and deceives the police to not depart Sarla as she tried to hurt her and her unborn little one; therefore she needs to be severely punished. She additionally tells Sarla that her little one is completely high-quality. Then again, Sarla, in her protection, retains on telling that she did not hurt Sheryln or her little one; fairly, Sherlyn is making an attempt to hurt her little woman Preeta. Janki apologizes to the inspector for the interruption and asks them to go away Sarla, making an attempt to persuade the police that Sarla is harmless and cannot consider harming anybody. Inspector tells Janki that an FIR is being filed towards Sarla, and so they cannot assist however asks Janki to rent a lawyer and get Sarla bailed. Sherilyn tells Sarla that with the police’s assist, Preeta managed to be in Luthra Home and that she is simply tolerating her daily, and this was her approach of taking her revenge by getting Sarla arrested. She additionally tells Sarla that as at the moment is a giant day for Preeta, so she’s going to attempt breaking Preeta fasting; additionally provides that preeta’s well being is already not excellent, and now that she will probably be extra exhausted making an attempt collectively mom ou of bother, it will likely be a lot enjoyable for her to see all of the drama that can happen. LaterSSheryln mocks Janki and leaves. Mahira tries to name Sherlyn, however it’s unreachable. She is aware of that Sarla  completed her a part of the job and is on her technique to return, however she doesn’t inform anybody. Reasonably, she is basically glad seeing Kareena and Dadi’s pressured and frightened faces and considering that they need to remorse not listening to Sherlyn earlier. Sherlyn arrives, and Kareena questions her about leaving with out telling anybody and says that she will even name Sanjana. Nonetheless, simply then, Sherlyn begins performing as she is getting unconscious and is about to faint, however Mahira holds her from the again and takes her to the mattress and asks others to deliver an power drink or lemonade for Sherlyn, and locks the door from inside. Mahira asks Sherlyn what had occurred, and Sherlyn tells her that as per their plan, Sarla is arrested; each begin laughing. She additionally tells that it will likely be enjoyable to look at Preeta all pressured as she’s going to get extra weak rescuing her mom and get to witness much more drama. Sherlyn and Mahira guarantee one another that nothing ought to occur to sherlyn’s child. Karan asks Preeta about her well being, and he or she replies that there is a little bit of headache relaxation the whole lot is okay, however Karan disagrees and says that she is saying this simply because she needs to proceed her fasting. However Preeta satisfied him, saying that Srishti will give her a head therapeutic massage and be high-quality. Srishti was doing preeta’s head therapeutic massage, however Karan interrupted her, and he began doing it himself. Preeta will get shocked seeing Karan instead of Srishti. Sameer tells Srishti that he can sense the love between Preeta and Karan. Janki reaches the Luthra Home and informs everybody about Sarla. Shrishti and Preeta each come inquiring what has occurred, Janki exclaims that the police have arrested Sarla, listening to this information shocks everybody.

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