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Star Wars: Republic Commando’ to be launched for PS4 and Switch



Star Wars: Republic Commando is a shooter action video game released on Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is coming on these platforms on 6th April 2021. The fans are already so excited that it is expected to be one of the best-played games. Republic Commando was initially released to play on different platforms in 2005, PC and OG Xbox 2005.

You are in a Star Wars set in the game, and it lets you be the clone trooper, and you can lead and guide your army of the clones. Aspyr will handle the port of release for Switch and PS5, and it will cost 14.99$ for both the consoles.

Features In Star Wars Republic Commando

The game is known to have five paperback adaptations, too, and it has both multiplayer and single-player mode with increased, redefined, and multiple features. Both the adaptations written by Karen Traviss and the game itself has a huge fan following among the Star Wars fan, and also it is around 16 years old.

The elite troopers group, Clone Commandos, who are also called the Republic Commandos, form the clone troopers of Star Wars, who fight for the Grand Army of the Republic during the infamous clone wars of Star Wars.


They were seen having a robust training program, making themselves ready for the ultimate clone battle in the movie too. During the first battle of Genesis, the clone troopers’ army fights with the Separatist droid army. The organization type is Commando, along with having its headquarters in Kamino.

The subgroups in this first-person shooter video game are Clone Force 99, Delta Squad, and Foxtrot Group. These squads are the organized commandoes that supported the republic war within the Grand Army. The Foxtrot group is led by the Clone Captain CC-5576-39 “Gregor.”

The Delta squad reports directly to the high council of Jedi order. This republic commando squad was sent to Devaron to fetch the body of Master Halsey and his troops. The Clone Force 99 fights directly along with the Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.

The back story of Star Wars: Republic Commandos is that the Kimonian scientists worked towards creating an army of super-soldiers who came to be known as Clone Troopers. In the newly formed Grand Army of Republic, the five main troops sued to work under the command of the Clone Commander ‘Ponds’.

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Users Review For The Game:

The Clone Commander CT-411 served under the Jedi Master Mace Windu’s leadership, who was known to be the most prominent figure of the High Council of the Jedi Order.

The players and critics appreciated the storyline of the game when the back story came up. The combat and action scenes were appreciated too by the users. What lacked was the short length of the match and the average multiplayer. The fans consider this game to be one of the best Star Wars games ever made.

The story had the audience glued to it, and they found the design of the game very appealing and exciting. The user gets so close to the different types of characters in the game that they grow an attachment.

Each character has a distinctive personality, and throughout the game, along with the excitement and fun, the emotional ups and downs related to the player are also there. Along with a solid story, the music and sound effects are near to perfect.

The shooting action graphics are intense with tactical and technical squad mechanics along with firefights. The players are already demanding a sequel of the infamous Star Wars series.

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The game is set revolving around the conflict of the Attack of the Clones and the Sith Revenge. The game was initially launched with the option of multi-player mode available to everyone. Still, the single-player mode is more promising in the case of increased and flourished controls and features.

The genre of the game is tactical shooter or first-person shooter. The director of the game is Tim Longo. The publisher for Xbox and PC is Lucas Arts, and Aspyr is the publisher for Play Station console and Nintendo Switch.

The sequel of Star Wars:

Republic Commando was into planning and production even before the former game was planned to release. The sequel will be named Star Wars: Imperial Commando, and it will be based on the Republic Soldiers who have betrayed and didn’t stick to what they were supposed to do.

But it is confirmed that this sequel will not be released, and it has been canceled. The song Clones is made by the band Ash during the credits rolling of the game. Instead of using the original composition of music, new music composition was made for the game.

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