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Best Sites To Watch Anime In 2021: You Should Know



Anime has grown popular throughout all these years among all the generation types and stood strong in its popularity base. It has a heavy Japanese foundation and filled with its culture. Every bit of it stands true to Japan’s culture and with every movie and series, Anime shows a powerful message to its viewers.

The storylines are most intense, beautifully woven with emotions, sad, happy endings, great morals and conventional to watch by every generation. It has grown popular among people of every age and type. Over the years, its revenue has increased about one–third of its original revenue.

It has created a soft spot in all the anime watchers’ hearts. When different types of online movie and TV show streaming services are increasing online like Netflix, Prime, Hot star, more people have started watching Anime.

Movies like Spirited Away, A Place Further than the Universe and childhood shows like Dragon – Ball z, Pokemon, Ben – 10, etc., even small children have been big fans of Anime.

Here we present the list of online platforms where you can quench your anime – thirst and walk feet – to – feet along with the rest of the world.



It is a website that offers users free anime movies. You don’t have to download it to watch it. You can watch it online. One can find all the famous Anime movies and shows here like Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc.

Crunchyroll has a simple to understand website structure and design, which is user–friendly. One can find many Asian dramas, anime, and even manga. It becomes one of the most famous sites where you can surf your Anime movies with extra features.


Sony owns Funimation. A popular anime website where one can surf through various kinds of top shows and anime-related content. Having a strong parent company like Sony provides equally great features that one seeks for.

One of the unique features that this website provides is the English audio in Japanese animation. Suppose you are hesitant to read subtitles for every show and movie. Suppose you are not a big fan of watching foreign movies with subtitles. Then Funimation is the place for you where you can insist on English audio.

The only thing that is lacking in this website is the disruption created by different ads in between watching something on it. You will find dubbed versions and you can even stream on two screens with the premium version.



For all those familiar with the anime world, they might have come across AnimeDao. It is a viral website for watching and streaming Anime movies and shows online. It is very progressive and tops the lead in speed loading, content availability and reliability.

This website’s cons are that the number of ads that come up frequently and there is no option for downloading what you are watching. With a simple interface with the option of light theme and dark theme available.

It has the option of quality adjustment with 340 p – 1080 p and you can even bookmark the video you are watching. You can even find English dubbed content to watch on it.

Amazon Anime:

Amazon has created a platform where you can search and watch your favorite anime of all time. It has enabled you to buy animated CDs and movies online with ease so that you can watch them ad-free and you can even search for any anime that you would like to watch.

The animated quality that Amazon Anime supports is HD and 4k, which most viewers prefer. It has a wide collection of anime by various actors and directors and of different genres. Once you buy the anime of your choice with ease, you will even get a wide range of subtitles available for you to watch in ease. It supports anime in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and more.

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Who doesn’t know about the very famous Anime watching platform Anime-Planet, a popular website to surf through various anime worldwide with a collection of more than 45000 different episodes, movies, TV shows, manga, etc.

All those who want to access various kinds of databases and reviews related to manga and anime movies can find it here. The user-friendly interface can be used on all devices like tablets, mobile phones, iOS devices, desktops, UHD TV, etc. It has comparatively fewer pop-ups ads. You will need to register yourself first to watch anything on this website.

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