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Pokémon was one of the most famous series created by Japan’s anime franchise, which was an important part of all of our lives and all grew up watching the show. Each series is based on the main Pokémon video game series which is the main installment. There are 23 seasons of Pokémon and now its 23rd season was streamed on Netflix in 2020.

The main characters of the show include Ash Ketchum, who wanted to become the Pokémon master in the world of Pokémon along with his partner Pikachu and friends Misty, Brock and other characters named Jessie, Professor Samuel Oak, Serena, May, Clemont, Dawn, Cilan, Max and his rival Gary Oak and other characters that come up with upcoming episodes.

Pokémon has been addictive to every child in their childhood and they hold it close to their heart. It has always been and will be in the minds of its fans consistently. Throughout the year’s hundreds of games have been made on Pokémon with around 800+ new creatures introduced and designed with different abilities and characteristics to sustain the game and maintain its excitement among the series viewers and game users.


However, the Japanese game freak sticks to the same specific structure of introducing a certain character. Pokémon has always appealed to a wide range of users throughout different demography of people of different ages, generations, country and backgrounds.

Some of the most famous fans made Pokémon games are as follows :


With around 9 years of development, it became one of the most popular Pokémon games, featuring over 150 Pokémon designs and a new type of ‘Nuclear Typing.’ In this, the player has to obtain all eight gym badges and defeat the Tandor League. Throughout this quest they will come across different dangers which are seen to trigger nuclear meltdowns. In this game, the user has to save both humanity and Pokémon.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising

It is a fan-made game that is developed by using RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials engine. In this, the gamer is stuck in Hawthorne’s war zone and has to restore the peace by defeating the king of that kingdom.

It provides amazing characteristics of the creatures present in it and the perk of playing this game is to explore the different skillsets of different characters. This game has choice–based outcomes that make it even more interesting even after the player has played it repeatedly.

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Pokémon Creepy Black

Pokémon Creepy Black is one of the most remarkable games of Pokémon ever made, which already seems exciting and mysterious by its name itself. This game is based and revolves around the famous Pokémon creepypasta character and the storyline is related to the cursed copy of Pokémon Red. This game creates a creepy environment for the player and hence this is exciting for the user.

Pokémon Ash Gray

Pokémon Ash Gray is a game made by the fans that revolve around the adventures and tales of its led character Ash and not about Red. In this game, Ash travels in the region of Kanto and its various other parts. Ash with Pikachu, Misty and Brock overcome different challenges and the user love the traditional style of the game in which the old friends meet up to have fun along with the gym leaders.

Pokemon: The Last Fire Red

Pokemon: The Last Fire Red is released quite recently among the public in 2020 despite having its four versions that have been released before. In this game, there are new Z moves present along with exceptional custom animations. This game has specific cool events which at some point even feels better than Nintendo’s game events.


Pokémon Insurgence

This is a fan-made game that is created using RPG Maker XP, and stunning detailing is given. It is a must-play game. This game revolves around the Torren region, where its storyline consists of cults and gangs who fight with each other to control the region. Compared to Pokemon games, this game comes from the same creator as pokemon Zeta and Omicron. It has many features, namely trainer’s customization features, mega evolutions, hitting secret bases, and finding different delta species.

This whole combination of games with trainers, world maps and bases makes it very interesting to play and enjoy the game.

The games of Pokémon are endless and fans continue to make them with different characters with different skill sets. Pokémon never gets old and it will always be a nostalgic show and game for all of us.


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