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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 25 November: Naira Re-Determines…



On 25th November, we have seen a weeping Naira went out into the temple praying for her child Kairav to be cured where the doctor has said to keep away Kairav from any stress which going to be so harmful to his mental health.

Meanwhile, in the screenplay, Kartik goes to Naira and warns her not to meet their son. However, Naira allegedly accused her son of deliberately pushed Vansh down. Now, Naira knows that she was wrong; she badly wanted to meet her son, where Kartik and the whole family got against her.

Here, All family members blamed Naira for her subtle behavior and said that Naira should not have to marry Kartik as their compatibility and understanding have never been in their relationship since they have married.

Here Naksh, while seen on the screen, comes and says in Naira’s support that so many disputes and fighting have happened, but none of them made both separated so, sure that this would also be solved. He supported her and encouraged that she will again win the trust of her son.

Whereas Manish was seen asking Kartik to manage some projects where he said that this project belongs to his Samarth uncle, but somehow Manish manages to convince him that Samarth temporary will not be here as in this time vanish needed him very severely further Kartik got convinced and ready to work on the project until Samarth comes.

Meanwhile, Naira comes to Kairav’s room with her handmade muffins with the intention that this time she will win his trust and become a good friend again where she has seen him sleeping.

When he woke up and saw the muffin, he thought of his mother and thought that his mother only brought this muffin, so he snapped it out from there where this gesture of Kairav made Naira more upset than before.

On the other hand, Suwarna says to Kartik that Gayu’s& Samarth’s understanding is getting better. In return, Kartik responds to tell Samarth that I m handling this temporarily; all this will belong to him when Vansh gets fine.

Naira, while crying, re-determining herself in front of Kairav that she won’t stop trying to become best friends again.

Kairav asked, did Mumma come here? If she came, she would have told me that I pushed Vansh, I will not talk to her, I told her that I didn’t push Vansh, she didn’t trust me.

He sees the muffins and says Mumma makes it, it means she had come, no, I don’t want to meet her. He shouts to Kartik. Naira cries and says its a battle; I lost, don’t know what will happen in Gayu’s matter.

Precap: you will see Kartik asking Gayu about him and his family’s presence. If it makes her unjust, then he will go and left her with his family. It shocked everyone else who is present there at the time.

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