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Choti Sardarni 16th December episode: Did Param give up?



In the previous episode, Meher and Sarabjeet get a hut to stay. They decided to make it a good house with their hard work and love. Param complained of the house being extremely messy. Meher replied that she would clean the house and remove all the dirt.

“Param son, a house is never beautiful we have to make it beautiful. Right now it is just a roof, we will make it a proper house,” said Meher.

Soon after complaining about the house, Param requested his parents to get some food as he was hungry. Meher stared at Sarabjeet with guilt and asked him how he will manage to get food for them? Sarab replied that he will look for a job and will return before night with food.

“I can easily apply for jobs as I have degrees and educational qualifications, but I have promised Aditi that I will not use ‘Gill’ title. So, I will look for some normal job and will surely return before the dusk settles,” assured Sarab.
Harleen called someone and, during her conversation, mentioned how Sarabjeet left the house without taking even a single penny or credit cards with him. She was worried about how they will survive and where they will stay? He asked the person to file a case so that she can get her family back soon.

On the other hand, Meher’s mother too called her staff and asked them about the ‘Gill’ family. They explained that they were unable to trace the family after the dust storm but assured her that they would find them soon.

In Sarab’s absence, Meher started cleaning the entire house and placed Karan on a light swing made of dupatta.

While Param took care of his brother, Meher continued cleaning the house and settling the stuff inside. In the midst of it all, somebody secretly took the dustbin from the house.

Param said that there wasn’t any television or refrigerator or any other luxury in the house. Meher said that this is what the challenge was about; they have to collect every twig of their nest and build a new one. So, by and by, they will get all the luxuries at home.

Param tried to help his mother with the cleaning task and said that he would chuck all the mess in the bin outside. As soon as he threw the garbage, somebody threw garbage on Param instead of from the roof. Param was fear-stricken by the act and pleaded to take him back home as a ghost in the house.

“I don’t want to stay here. There is ghost in this house. I don’t want to play this nest game. Please take me home Meher mom,” he cried.

Meher hugged him and somehow managed to convince him to stay in the house.

Vikram called and asked his staff about the ‘Gill family,’ and his staff replied that they could not trace them. Aditi came and started shouting at him as he didn’t pick up her calls. When he replied that he was busy, Aditi said how he could be busy when she was busy trying to get his happiness back.

Vicky got angry and said, “Really? You are looking for my happiness? How can you get me back my happiness by snatching someone else’s happiness or throwing them out of the house? I am shocked. I am not able to understand that how can you be such a stone-hearted person.”

Aditi defended herself and replied, “You are so worried about Meher?”

Vikram agreed that he is genuinely worried about Meher as he had a mystery with Meher. He also said that they could not refuse to accept the truth that Sarab was a nice guy.

“He was the person who did all he could to get you back and you are the person who snatched his name, fame and happiness,” he said.

When Aditi continued to defend herself by saying that she did it all for the sake of Vikram, he shouted at her and said that he had never told her to take such a drastic step. He blamed her for everything.

“Have you ever thought about Param? Even if Karan was with them, I was satisfied that he is getting a good upbringing and lifestyle. Because of you, I am worried about Karan today,” he blamed Aditi.

Aditi started crying and asked what she would do as her husband wasn’t supporting her?

“I did all this for the sake of our love, but instead of patting my shoulder, you are shouting at me. You aren’t even supporting me. What else should I do for your love?” she asked.

Meanwhile, Sarabjeet started his search for a job and approached many people. But all identified them and said that they would do anything for him as he was their boss. According to Sarab’s promise to Aditi, Sarabjeet couldn’t use his name. So, he decided to change his identity and then look for a job.

Suddenly, Sarabjeet saw some workers carrying grain sacks and a person shouting that the workers would get money according to the number of sacks they would carry. Sarabjeet immediately changed his clothes and attached face mustaches and beard so that nobody identified him. He introduced himself as Kuldeep Sandhu and joined the other workers in their task.

With a lot of hard work, Sarab managed to get Rs 350 for doing his work. He thanked God that at least he could now buy food for his family and return.

A worker came and handed over some money to Sarabjeet as he carried some of his sacks too. But he refused to take the money and said that he needed his blessings instead of the money.

An unknown person kept an eye on Sarabjeet, indicating somebody was spying on the entire Gill family with wrong intentions.

Will Sarabjeet return to his house with food, or some new hurdle is waiting for them in the route? Watch tonight’s episode to seek your answers.

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