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Imlie: Satyakam calls Aditya



As the episode starts, Aditya tells Imlie that he never thought a truth could harm Malini. He says that Malini’s life is much more important than any truth. Imlie tells Aditya, “why are you worrying about truth or lie, the most important thing in a relationship is trust”. She further adds that if there is trust, there is the relation.

She tells him to forget whatever happened in pagdandiya. She says to Aditya that she will always support him in his relation. Malini is discharged from the hospital. Aditya calls Malini and tells her to take care of herself. Malini says that Aditya has called her third time, and she will take care of herself.

Malini asks Aditya not to tell anybody about her health. As Aditya cuts her call, he receives another call from an unknown number. .He picks the call and is shocked by hearing Satyakam’s voice. He cuts the call. Aditya thinks that Imlie gave his number to Satyakam. In pagdandiya, Mithi asks Satyakam, “what Aditya told you?”.

Satyakam tells her, it appears like Aditya cut the call knowingly. Mithi says, “why will he do that ?”. She tells him that Aditya knows Satyakam so well, he saved him from the police and took his interview. Satyakam says that “people forget themselves when they come to the village.”

But people forget the village when they go back to the city. He tells Mithi that she knows it very well. Mithi ignores Satyakam’s question. She says that she has so many things to do. She has to make sweets for Imlie’s inlaws. As Mithi opens a drawer, she finds a picture of Dev.

She thinks, “may God give me a chance to see you.” In Tripathi’s house, Imlie is praying to God. She wishes that may God send her back to pagdandiya. She is missing her mother very much. Aditya listens to her prayer and taunts her by saying, “so you gave my number to Satyakam.” Imlie asks him, “had he called you ?”

Aditya tells Imlie that only she can share his number with Satyakam. Imlie tells him that she hasn’t done this. Aditya tells her, “you are missing your mother, why don’t you go back to pagdandiya?”. Aditya gives her a ticket and tells her that she will go to pagdandiya on 15th December. He tells her that he can’t go with her, but anyone from his office will drop her. Imlie feels very sad on hearing this.

The next morning, Aparna, Rupali, Taiji, and Nidhi are busy choosing sarees for Aditya’s wedding function. Nidhi selects a saree for Taiji, but Taiji says that it will be too loud for her. Rupali says that her mother will look like a heroine from the 80s.

Rupali gives a saree to Aparna. As Imlie comes there, Nidhi says, “we forgot about Imlie’s saree.” Aparna asks Imlie to choose a saree. Imlie is sad because of Aditya. She tells Aparna that she doesn’t need a saree. Aparna insists on her again. Imlie says that “in a marriage, only bride and groom are important, they shouldn’t focus on her.” Nidhi says that it seems like Imlie is in the plan of going back to her Nakli Nani.

She thinks Imlie is afraid of the increasing wedding works. Aparna says that she will choose a saree for Imlie. She selects a saree and put it on Imlie’s head. Everyone there asks Imlie, “did she like the saree?”. Imlie says that she has to bring the tea, and she goes from there. Imlie remembers all those things that Aditya said to her. She remembers that Aditya has told her to go back. She becomes very sad and starts crying.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rings. Imli opens the door. A strange person in a suit and with luggage is standing at the door. Imlie remembers that Pankaj was once talking about a servant. She thinks the person at the door has come for the servant’s job. Imlie asks the stranger, “who are you ?”.

He tells her that his name is Sundarlal. Imlie tells him that there is no need for any Sundar in the house. She tries to close the door, but Sundar stops him. He asks her to call her master. She tells him that she is the master of the house. She starts fighting with Sundar. Other family members gather there.

They try to calm Imlie. Imlie tells everyone that “why they called a new servant when Imlie is already there.” Aparna asks Imlie to keep calm. Pankaj tells everyone that he hasn’t called Sundar. Aparna asks Sundar, “have you come here to work ?”. Sundar replies, yes. Aparna asks him, “who has called you ?”.

Aditya comes there, and he tells everyone, “I have called Sundar.” He further adds that Imlie always makes mistakes while working. He called Sundar as there will be many works due to marriage.

Imlie thinks that Aditya has called a new servant because he has told her to go back. Pankaj asks Sundar to give a test. He tells Sundar to make tea. Imlie says that she will take Sundar’s test. She asks Sundar some questions that are related to the village.

Sundar tells her that he has spent his life in the city and doesn’t know about those stupid things. Imlie gets angry about this, and she again starts the fight with Sundar. Aparna asks Sundar to make tea for everyone. As Sundar is making tea in the kitchen, he drops some milk near the gas stove. As he tries to clean it with a cloth, Imlie stops him. She tells him that it’s her cloth. Sundar goes to bring new cloth.

Imlie tries to spoil the tea made by Sundar. She mixes very much sugar in the tea. Sundar comes there with new cloth. In the hall, Twinkle and Sunny are studying. Sundar comes there with tea. He puts the tray on the table. Twinkle says that she also wants to have tea. Rupali tells her that tea is not for children. Twinkle gets angry. She says, “you don’t allow me to have chocolates, sweets or tea.” Rupali feels sad as Twinkle has diabetes. Rupali and Nidhi go from there.

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