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Imlie: Aditya is not happy



As the episode starts, Aditya is doing arti with all family members. Imlie is standing near a curtain. Imlie sees Aditya, and she feels very sad. As Imlie tries to go from there, Tauji calls Imlie. Tauji tells Imlie to come there. Rupali also calls Imlie, but Imlie is standing at her place.

Twinkle goes near Imlie. Twinkle holds Imlie’s hand. As Twinkle is pulling Imlie, she hits the bowl of Haldi mistakenly. The bowl falls on the ground. Some drops of Haldi fell on Aditya and Imlie’s face. Aditya and Imlie look towards each other. Twinkle says sorry for her mistake.

Rupali says, “ I am going to bring a cloth.” Imlie tells Twinkle, “ in our village we celebrate Holi with haldi.” Imlie applies some Haldi on Twinkle’s cheeks. Twinkle smiles. Sunny is very excited to play Holi with Haldi. Pankaj tells Sunny, “don’t be too naughty.” Pankaj and other family members go from there.

At Chaturvedi house, the preparations for Malini’s haldi function are going. Dadi comes with some haldi in a bowl. Anu says, “ are you going to apply this cheap haldi on my daughter’s skin.” Anu says that she brought Organic Haldi for her daughter. Anu further says, “ it’s good for the skin. Dadi says “ I have ground this haldi with my own hands.” Dadi further says “Haldi is also known as Kesri.”

Dadi says “this Haldi is very lucky for a bride. It brings happiness and joy in a marriage”. Anu says “ you applied this haldi on my skin. Still, my marriage was never happy and joyful”. Dadi becomes sad. Malini mixes the Organic haldi with the bowl of haldi in Dadi’s hand.

Malini says “ now, both Haldis can be applied on my skin.” Dadi becomes happy. Anu and Dadi start Malini’s haldi function. At Tripathi house, Aditya’s haldi function begins. Anu gets emotional while applying haldi to Malini. Anu says to Malini “ Aditya is not my choice, but I trust your choice.”

Anu says that she knows her daughter’s choice is never wrong. Malini hugs Anu. Malini says “ I will miss you very much.” After the haldi function, Imlie is working in the kitchen. Aditya goes near Imlie. Aditya says “ have you packed your things?”. Aditya tells Imlie that he has called his staff member. Aditya says “my staff member will go with you.” Aparna comes there in search of Imlie. Aparna looks at Imlie and says “why are you sad?”.

Aparna says “ you have to dance in Aditya’s wedding.” Imlie asks Aparna “ why were you searching me, do you have any work for me ?. Aparna answers in yes. Aparna gives Imlie a small box of sindoor. She says, “ this sindoor is for Malini.” She further adds, “ this sindoor is blessed by Pandit ji and it’s very special.”

Aditya says to Aparna, “ why are you giving this to Imlie?”. Aparna says, “ I have so many works to do, I may forget about it.” Apana tells Imlie, “keep this sindoor with yourself and give me at the time of wedding.” Aparna goes from there. At Chaturvedi’s house, Malini is in her room. Anu and Dev come there with smiling faces. Malini asks, “ why you both are laughing?”. Dev says, “we have a surprise for you.”

Dev and Anu give Malini a paper. Malini asks, “ what’s in this paper?”. Malini looks at the paper. She gets very excited to see Switzerland tickets. Dev says, “ this is a honeymoon gift for you from your parents.” Malini becomes very happy, and she thanks Dev and Anu for it. Malini hugs Dev and Anu. Anu says, “ I hope, Aditya doesn’t have any problem with this gift.” Malini says, “ I am going to tell Aditya about this gift.”

Dev and Anu go from there. Malini calls Aditya. Malini tells Aditya, “ Mom and Dad have gifted us Switzerland tickets for honeymoon.” Aditya says, “ I thought you are happy with Goa trip.” Malini says, “ we will go to both places.” Aditya says, “I don’t need your mother’s money.”

Malini says that she never thought Aditya will talk to her like this on her wedding day”. She says “ my mother is not a very bad women, she can give me a genuine gift”. She further adds “ if you don’t like their gift, I will go and return these tickets to them”. Aditya says to Malini “ I am sorry , I am irritated from all these wedding works”. Aditya tells Malini “say thankyou to your parents from my side”.

Malini cuts the call. Imlie is standing behind Aditya. As Aditya turns back , he notices Imlie. He asks Imli “were you listening to my matter ?”. He asks “ why you took the responsibility of sindoor?”. He tells her that she has to go today. Imlie says that she was given the responsibility. She says “ No one asks , what I want”. Imlie says “ I will give this sindoor at the time of marriage and complete my responsibility”.

She further adds “ after completing my responsiblity, I will go from here without telling anyone”. Aditya goes from there. Aditya talks to himself and says “ I am not happy even when today is my marriage”. He says to himself“ I am feeling very weird”. Pankaj comes near him and asks “what happened?”.

Aditya says “ I don’t know but I am feeling a weird fear”. Pankaj says “ this is the fear of responsibility. He says that marriage is a very big responsibility. Pankaj further adds, “once you get married, you have so many responsibilities to fulfil.” Pankaj says, “ don’t worry, you will complete all your responsibilities.” Aditya says to himself, “ I have chosen Malini and I will fight for her.” Pankaj tells Aditya to get ready for the wedding.

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