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Imlie meets her mother



Imlie meets her mother

As the episode starts, Aditya says, “I want to tell something to everyone”. He tells everyone that Imlie is his wife. Everybody gets shocked. Soon, Imlie realizes that it was all her imagination. Aparna asks Imlie, “are you fine?”.

Nidhi, Rupali, and Aparna are standing near Imlie. Aparna tells Aditya to get inside the mandap. Aditya says, “I want to tell something to everyone”. Imlie thinks Aditya is going.

She thinks Aditya is going to make the same mistake she was going to do. She stops Aditya and says, “why are you here? You should get married and distribute sweets”. She thinks that relations are made based on love. There is no place for her there.

Imlie says that it’s the right time for Aditya’s marriage. Imlie takes Malini and Aditya inside the mandap. Everyone goes along with them. Aditya and Malini’s marriage rituals start. Aparna feels very happy as Aditya and Malini are finally getting married. Imlie feels very bad.

She tries to go from there. Dhruv asks Imlie, “where are you going”.

He says that he will not let Imlie go alone anywhere. Imlie says, “I can take care of myself. I had also beaten Shashank become Aditya came there”. She says that she is going to get some fresh air.

Dhruv says, “take care of yourself and come soon”. Imlie goes outside and starts crying. She feels very sad. Satyakam and Mithi come there. Imlie feels the presence of Mithi. She turns and finds Mithi standing there. Imlie runs towards Mithi to hug her. Mithi notices Imlie coming towards her.

Mithi hugs Imlie. Mithi tells Imlie, “I am very happy to see you”. Imlie asks Mithi, “what are your doing here?”. Mithi says that she was missing Imlie very badly, so she came into the city to meet her. She says, “Satyakam found Aditya’s address, and he took me here to meet you.”

Imlie hugs Satyakam. Satyakam says to Imlie “I want to meet Aditya; take me near him”.

Mithi asks Imlie, “why is this place decorated”. Imlie lies to Mithi. Imlie says, “all this decoration is for my wedding. I am also wearing a bride’s dress”. Mithi says, “I am very happy that your inlaws have accepted you”.

Suddenly they hear the sound of the police van. Satyakam tells Imlie, “I have to go, take care of your mother”. Imlie thinks that Mithi will be very sad if she knows about Aditya and Malini’s wedding. Imlie tells Satyakam, “take her with yourself”. Mithi tells Imlie, “I came so far to meet you, but you are sending me back”.

Imlie says, “you didn’t ask me before coming, at least you should call me before coming here”. Imlie says, “I can’t take you inside, you don’t have a good dress, no jewellery”. She says “I can’t take you inside and introduce you both as my family members. Meanwhile, Pandit ji tells Aditya to put sindoor in Malini’s head.

Aditya remembers that the sindoor is with Imlie. Aparna says “where is Imlie”. Dhruv tells that he saw Imlie going outside. Dhruv goes outside to find Imlie. Dhruv notices Police officers there. He asks a Police officer “what are you doing here?”.

Police tells him that they are searching that they are searching for Satyakam.

Dhruv says “There must be any misunderstanding, my brother’s marriage is going here”. Police says “we have to check here”. Police goes inside near the mandap. Dhruv also comes near mandap.

Everyone is shocked to see Police there. Aditya asks the policeman “is there any problem sir, what are you doing here”. Police says “we are searching for Satyakam, we are informed that Satyakam is here”. Aditya says “Satyakam is not here, you must have some misunderstanding”.

Police says “we need to check because we are informed about Satyakam”. Aditya says that he will help the Police to find Satyakam. Police start searching for Satyakam everywhere. Aditya goes outside. He notices that Imlie is talking to someone. Aditya hears Satyakam’s voice.

He notices a Police officer coming to that side. He tries to divert the officer by saying, maybe Satyakam is on that side. Mithi tells Imlie, “I came to meet my daughter, but you are behaving like a stranger”. Satyakam remembers the Imlie of pagdandiya.

He says, “your language is the same, your eyes are still the same, but your behavior is changed.”

He says he lost his Imlie. Mithi tells Imlie that she is not her daughter Imlie. Imlie says “my inlaws accepted me. Now it’s my duty to maintain their reputation”.

She says that she can introduce them to her inlaws. She says, “my inlaws will think you came here to have free food at the wedding”. Mithi feels very sad. Imlie tells Satyakam to go from there with Mithi. Mithi notices that Imlie is not having a sindoor on her forehead.

She tells Imlie that a married girl should use sindoor whether she is from the village or city. She gives Imlie a box of sindoor. Mithi tells Imlie that she brought this sindoor for Imlie from pagdandiya. Imlie takes the sindoor. Mithi and Satyakam go from there. Imlie feels very bad.

Her heart aches by thinking about her mother. Imlie starts crying very badly.She touches the sand on which Mithi was standing. Imlie remembers her mother’s touch. Aditya is watching Imlie from behind. Imlie remembers that she has to give the sindoor to Aparna.

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