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Choti Sardarni: Meher witnesses the truth



Meher’s decision to give the ancestral necklace to her sister-in-law fumed Kulwant Kaur. But, she didn’t showcase her anger openly as she didn’t want to lose her daughter again. Her gaze was fixed on the necklace, but she didn’t reveal how badly she wanted to give it only to Meher.

On the other hand, Meher couldn’t enjoy to the fullest at her mother’s house as she was still concerned about Aarti and her allegations against Tarkash. She wanted to inform Sarabjeet as soon as possible. While Meher was consuming her lunch, Sarabjeet called her and said that he was free and ready to listen to what she wanted to tell her.

“Sarabjeet ji, I want to tell you something very very important. Can I come to your office?” asked Meher.

“Yes, but why are you sounding so worried?” asked Sarabjeet.

Meher said that she would tell him once she would reach his office. Meher told everyone that she had to leave due to some urgent work and requested her brother to drop Karan and Param at the Gill Mansion in the evening. Kulwant told her to at least finish her meal. She hurriedly swallowed everything and left after thanking her mother for “the best food.”

After Meher reached Sarabjeet’s office, she was welcomed in a very romantic way. Sarabjeet presented her with a new cell phone. The phone was a newly-launched one, and he admitted that he was busy the previous day with the arrangements to give her this phone.

“Meher ji, yesterday you were asking me again and again why I was worried? The answer is that I was busy getting this phone for you which is as beautiful as my wife,” he said.

When Meher thanked him in a bit of a dull manner, Sarabjeet got concerned and asked, “What happened to you, Meher? What is bothering you so much?”

Meher replied, “Sarabjeet ji, husband and wife both are equal right?”

Sarabjeet said, “Yes.”

“If there is an argument between a husband and wife, is the husband allowed to beat his wife?” asked Meher.

Sarabjeet replied, “Not at all. Neither law nor God permits any husband to beat his wife over an argument. It is not manliness but cowardness.”

Meher cried, “This guy is an animal, a monster. Her husband beats her everyday. She badly needs our help. She is so scared right now. She even came to our home and told me everything.”

Sarabjeet got worried and asked who came and who was the guy who beat her wife? She said that he didn’t know his wife but knew his husband well. When Meher told him that the guy was Tarkash, he got angry. Even after Meher narrated the entire story, Sarab refused to believe her.

“Sarabjeet ji, Aarti needs us. She is broken. Please call the cops right now and get him arrested,” ordered Meher.

“Tarkash ji can never do this, he has always served us. His father too had served my father with full honesty. He has spent his entire life serving Punjab Dal. How can he beat his wife? Have you ever seen him shouting at anyone? I have never seen,” shouted Sarab.

Meher pleaded and told him to believe her. But he denied. Sarabjeet said that it was next to impossible that a man like Tarkash would beat anyone.

At Aarti’s home, her daughter was dancing with ghungroo. She told her daughter to remove them before her father would come. Unfortunately, Tarkash heard their entire conversation and started clapping in sarcasm. For the first time, viewers got to see such a scary side of Tarkash. He scorned them for the act, and he mercilessly thrashed his wife with the ghungroo. Aarti pleaded to let her go, but he didn’t stop.

At Sarab’s office, Meher continued to explain the true character of Tarkash. He said that a person who doesn’t even shout at someone could never beat his wife and daughter. Meher told him to ask Tarkash instead if he didn’t believe her. But Sarabjeet refused to listen to Meher’s allegations and said that he would never ruin his friendship with Tarkash for these false claims.

Meher said that she would get proofs soon and would do anything to save Aarti. Sarabjeet warned her over interfering in the third person’s life, but she left.

At Kulwant Kaur’s house, the women in the house pleaded to Kulwant to divide this necklace equally among them. Kulwant mocked the idea and said that it was a ‘rani haar’ and not a ‘naukrani haar’ that she would divide it among them. She even took back the necklace from Meher’s sister-in-law and warned her not to tell anyone, especially Meher’ about the necklace.

After some time, Meher knocked on Tarkash’s Singh’s house’s entrance door. He was fear-stricken after seeing Meher, but he pretended to be normal and nice. Meher said that she wanted to invite him and his family for the New Year party at their home. She insisted on letting her come in as she had come to their home for the first time.

The moment Meher entered the house, she saw broken shells of ghungroo scattered on the floor and felt something dicy. When she asked Tarkash, he made a lie that his daughter is fond of dancing, and it must have come out when she would have danced. When Meher greeted her daughter, Tarkash told her to go to her room and do her homework.

Meher saw blood on Tarkash’s fingers and asked, “Tarkash ji, why is there blood on your hand?”

He made an alibi again. She requested him to get water for her. The moment he left, she rushed towards Ritu’s room and gave her chocolates. She also enquired about her mother. Ritu could only signal where her mother was as his father came and said she was not home.

After a few minutes, Sarabjeet called her and apologized to Meher for shouting at her. He said that he thought about what she had said with a cool mind.

“There are many categories of men who beat their wives. When such a man finds an identical person, he always takes his side. There was a lady in our office who was beat by a man in our office. Without taking my permission, Tarkash told him to leave the office forever. So, a guy like him who fought for a woman’s right can never beat his wife,” said Sarabjeet.

“I won’t be able to explain to you right now. I will talk to you about this at home. Right now I am at Tarkash’s home,” said Meher.

Sarabjeet got angry and shouted at Meher for not listening to him when he had warned her not to interfere in anyone’s life. She said that it was about a woman’s life. She felt Aarti’s life was at a huge risk, and she badly needed Meher’s help. Meher ended the conversation by saying that she would bring the truth in front of him soon.

How will Meher get proof against Tarkash? Watch Monday’s episode to find out more.

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