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Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi accepted Riya deal



Prachi accepted Riya’s deal to leave Ranbir. Sarita Ji and dadi planned to send Abhi and Pragya to the same market. Ranbir came to meet Prachi at her home, but she avoided him. Riya made Aliya furious by telling her that she will convince Abhi to marry Pragya. 

In the previous episodes, we saw Abhi getting engaged to Meera and Ranbir’s misunderstanding with Prachi, and they reunited. When Prachi asked Riya not to create problems for Pragya, she offered a deal that if Prachi breaks up with Ranbir, she will persuade Abhi to marry Pragya. 

Today’s episode started with Riya asking Prachi if she was ready for the deal? 

“I know I am selfish. If you split up with Ranbir then I promise I will stop this wedding. Give me my love back and I will give your mom her love back.” Said Riya. 

Prachi agreed immediately. She said, “I love my mom more than Ranbir.” Riya asked her to do something to make Ranbir hate him. Prachi left. 

Ranbir saw Prachi crying and asked her if someone said anything to her, but she left without talking to him. 

Meanwhile, Aryan tried to explain himself to Shahana for not revealing Ranbir’s roka, but she didn’t listen to him and left for her class, saying she was getting late. 

Prachi was lost in thoughts. She reminisced, promising Ranbir that she will never leave him. Riya reminded her of the deal, saying she has to be fast as the Haldi Ceremony is held tomorrow. Prachi said, please understand that Ranbir loves me, and it is not easy for me to break his heart.

Sarita Ji and dadi started executing their plan to bring Abhi and Pragya closer: 

Sarita Ji was thanking dadi over the phone that she agreed to help her. Dadi replied, “You are like my sister and I had to help you because it will bring Abhi and Pragya closer.” 

With further conversation, we could understand that they had planned to send Abhi and Pragya to the same market so that they both can meet “coincidentally.” 

Dadi said she would send Meera too, to make her realize that she is coming between Abhi and Pragya. 

Pragya was ready to go to the market and came to Sarita Ji’s room and saw her talking to someone. When she asked her who she was talking to, Sarita Ji replied, “it’s my new boyfriend.” Dadi heard Pragya’s voice and disconnected the call. 

Pragya said, “I know u lied about your call. Do tell me the truth if you want.” and left.

Emotional conversation between Pragya and Prachi:

Prachi was crying in her room. Pragya saw and asked her about it. Prachi said she was disappointed because she expected to stay as a family with papa and Riya. 

Pragya said that they both are each other’s family. It’s more important to have love in the family than to have many family members. 

“I know you lack many things but I don’t have much to give you except love. I can’t see you cry. I am living for you. I would give you everything in this world if I could but I am helpless.” Said Pragya. 

Prachi got sentimental and hugged her. She said, you mean everything to me, and I don’t need anything else. Pragya left for the market. 

Prachi was thinking, “You have done a lot for me. Now it’s my turn. I will make sure that you don’t cry secretly. I also can’t see your tears. You and papa love each other a lot. You are hurt because he is getting married but you are pretending to be strong. I will reunite you both. Till now you have been sacrificing but now I will sacrifice my love to bring happiness for you.” 

Riya told Aliya about her deal with Prachi: 

Wedding preparations were on at Mehra Mansion. Abhi was not enjoying it because all this was the result of Riya’s headstrongness. Moreover, Pragya’s response to Abhi also pushed him to marry Meera. He thought, sometimes we have to break the heart of our beloved. 

Riya was excited that she was getting Ranbir back in her life. She told Aliya that now Pragya won’t play any emotional card as she has played her trump card. She will win. 

However, Aliya could not understand and said, you should have asked me once before doing anything. Riya said she didn’t feel the need. 

When Aliya asked her to elaborate, Riya said, today, I have done the job which neither you nor Pallavi aunty, Sanju, or even Maya could do. Prachi loves her mom, and she would do anything to make her happy. I gave her that, and it worked for me. Prachi will give me Ranbir, and I will get dad to agree to marry her mom. Now I am going to ask dad to marry Prachi’s mom. 

Prachi started avoiding Ranbir! 

Prachi was avoiding Ranbir when he came to meet her at her home. She asked Sarita Ji to tell him that she was not there. When Sarita Ji told Ranbir the same thing, first, he said that Prachi had asked her to lie, but then he apologized and left a message for her that he had been trying to reach her and was worried for her. When he left, Sarita Ji told Prachi that fights are natural between couples, but Ranbir is a nice guy, and he should be given a proper response to his feelings. The episode ended. 


Riya asks Abhi to marry Pragya. Aliya reveals her true color by saying that Riya was her puppet to keep Abhi and Pragya apart, but now she doesn’t need this puppet anymore. 

How will Prachi breakup with Ranbir, and what will be his reaction? How will Riya convince Abhi to marry Pragya? Read the next article for an update.


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