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Sandwiched Forever Movie Review: Tried to laugh but couldn’t



The StarCast of this movie are Kunal Roy Kapoor, Ahana Kumra, Atul Kulkarni. The movie’s
Director is Rohan Sippy. It’s streaming on Sony Liv App. The film was released on the date: 25
December 2020

Were you missing the era of sitcoms in the world of toxic TV reality shows? Rohan Sippy’s
Sandwiched forever gives you the touch of plays buried deep inside. A decade ago—reviewing
your memories of favorite sitcoms, breaking your ties of melodramatic overrated emotional

Sandwiched Forever is a decent effort that suits the worry and challenges, creating an effortless
work of matching up with shows like SARABHAI V/S SARABHAI.

Behind The Plot:

Sameer and Naina depict the real struggle the married couple faces for their personal space,
and parents, the informal intruders for their goodwill, leads to complications, heartbreaks, and
mess. Sandwiched Forever is a perfect show from struggles to a successful marriage with an
ideal comedy flavor to keep you hooked in the front. The relatability of Sameer and Naina’s
efforts with that of the millennial couples remains the Constant reason to watch the show.
There’s a thin line for making the marriage an ideal one. It has struggles, it has fights, it has a
mess, but what’s important is to handle it, letting your relationship face it all but not let it suffer


If you are married in the Covid era, or you were a newly married couple who got stuck with their
family with zero privacy around you between you and your partner. Then this series is a perfect
watch for you guys.

You can imagine many incidents and think of doing the things and adventures seen and found
in the series.

The story has a straightforward plot of a series of comic and tragic events at the same time to
see a newly married couple suffer like this.

Behind The Episodes:

The entire series features 15 episodes, which each divided into different plots of humor and

The 1st few episodes of the series are a bit monotonous and cliche and but as the story
proceeds further, it’s seen that humor gets its senses back. This series’ creators did a great job
while shooting and producing the series, yet they fell short in the humor quotient.

Sameer (Kunal Kapur) & Naina (Ahana Kumra) dreamt of leading a life where they can live up
to their terms. Both the characters are seen and spotted from different genres and with varied
lifestyles aways ways of living their lives. Sameer is a game designer & developer (basically a
couch potato), and Naina is a successful, glamorous sportswoman and a badminton player full
of energy all day long.

A roller coaster journey full of nasty taunts and comments is waiting for the viewers. Concerning
the in-laws, everything is created in such a way that everything looks real. But at times, things
might have gone a bit far away. The hysteria and scenario created by the conflicts and quarrels
between the sets of in-laws resulting in neighbors interfering with the scene and twisting the
whole show.

It will now be fascinating to see the couple decide their sides act like a single or double as per
the scenario demands. The couple also faces some challenging situations like making the
decisions or leave them. If they decide to do something (their independent choices), they had to
make sure that they do not surpass the line of offending their parents.

Every episode runs for around half an hour. So this series can easily be binge-watched. Only
the given condition is you relate to the humor content it has to offer.


On a note, this can be a perfect show to watch with your family if you are waiting to watch a
sitcom and is bored with these teledramas.
Some popular channels and websites have rated this series with the following stars.
● IMDB – 8.8/10 stars.
● ZoomTv – 3 / 5 stars.
● Rotten Tomatoes – 2.8/5 stars

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