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Panchayat – An epitome by TVF



A 2020 Indian comedy Drama series, released exclusively on Amazon prime video on 3rd April 2020, was a super hit. The Viral fever produced the series.

The plot revolves around an engineer who never wants but has to join his duty as a Panchayat Secretary in a rural area, Phullera, an Uttar Pradesh village.

He struggles but doesn’t find a job, chooses to settle with this job, and isn’t satisfied with what he does.
The series stars Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, and Biswapati Sarkar.

The writer Chandan Kumar has done an appreciable job while he wrote such a plot, the director Deepak Kumar Mishra made a show one can immensely watch on a binge.

Jitendra Kumar has been appreciated for the roles he plays. Kota Factory, the web series released on Youtube, gathered lots of applauds, Panchayat set another benchmark in his career.

The series with eight episodes each of 23 minutes, keeps you hooked in from the very beginning, where Abhishek Tripathi entered the village, opting to give this job a shot but isn’t satisfied and chooses to give Cat and get admitted in one of the IIMs and begins to prepare for the same.

It’s very interesting to watch how immensely and dedicatedly he begins to prepare for his competition, not neglecting his duties, regardless of whether he never wanted to do those.

It’s very interesting to watch the complete village from the eyes of Abhishek. The makers have tried to pick those minute problems one ignores but is still a part of Indian society, and it’s fun to see how Abhishek deals with it, staying calm and composed overall.

Amazon prime has been a big screen to portray the country’s rural areas through series like Mirzapur and Then Panchayat.

Released by TVF, Panchayat has also proved to be a worth watching series produced by them. TVF was an online digital platform started founded by Arunabh Kumar, which promised to bring entertaining and unique content for the young age group and proved it.

The first Web series, released in 2014 by TVF, was Permanent Roommates, and it made its place directly in the heart of viewers, proving to be an asset in the growth of TVF. It was the second-highest viewers series till June 2015.

The channel was an early arrival in the digital entertainment segment, giving the audience a wide range of variety, coving the relatable Indian topics and social issues.

If you are a comedy Drama lover and admire Jitendra’s performance with other casts, you won’t regret watching it. There’s not a single time an audience watching the series can get distracted. The only disappointment is the versatile actor Neena Gupta didn’t get enough time to be on screen.

Neena Gupta plays the role of Manju Devi, the Village pradhan, and Raghuvir Yadav plays the role of her husband, Brij Bhushan Dubey, who rules the village on her behalf. Panchayat is essentially a situational comedy that packs a generous amount of gentle humor.

Each episode presents Abhishek with a storm in a very teacup. Those among the U.S.A. expecting these storms to brew into one thing a lot of substantial square measure looking the incorrect show. Abhishek will meet a poor dweller UN agency is owed cash by the government’s MGNREGA theme.

However, the council officer’s employment seems to be amazingly light-weight. The villages of Bharat square measure clearly in additional strong health than we’ve been to believe.

In episode 8, Panchayat ended on a suspicious note. Audiences are excitedly waiting for the second part, and speculations are being made, getting the second part soon. Overall the series is worth a watch. If you love watching Hindu Web series and want to explore new in comedy Drama, watching Panchayat won’t regret you.

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