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Satellite Shankar Movie Review: The efforts of Suraj Pancholi really gone down the drain



The star Cast of the film is Sooraj Pancholi, Megha Akash, Palomi Ghosh. Irfan Kamal directed the movie.

Movies depending on nationalism are galore in the Hindi entertainment world. With the most recent couple of years seeing a real deluge.

Satellite Shankar adds another name to that rundown.

As being a respectable effort to rejuvenate our officers’ battles and their benevolent demonstrations of fearlessness.

Coordinated by Irfan Kamal and with Sooraj Pancholi ahead of the pack. Satellite Shankar has its heart in the ideal spot.

Nonetheless, it is all to no end as a powerless story allows it to down, underplaying the film’s qualities.

Through its 2 hours 20 minutes term, the film attempts to take advantage of your heart. Yet awful execution doesn’t permit the occasions to enroll.

Given the curious title, you’d anticipate that much more should occur possibly.

A major uncover as well — tragically, the story doesn’t expand on that premise.

Irfan Kamal seems to have failed to remember where he began from, advantageously changing gears. To what, in particular, feels like a unique film that is by all accounts running equally.

Indeed, even the great component Satellite Shankar presents in the first place. The officers sharing lighter minutes and moving their hearts out are deserted, never to be returned to.

Without giving any spoilers! Everything I can say is that there’s a touch of Jab We Met, a touch of Chennai Express. A touch of Forrest Gump rolled in there.

Furthermore, at different focuses, you’d wind up contrasting them.

Satellite Shankar is the excursion of an Indian fighter.

KPG Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) can incidentally transport his jawans to their precious ones utilizing a device. That has something to do with Lord Shiva.

He trusts you need to shape associations in your heart, and you can be anyplace and with anybody you need.

That makes him the legend of his unit.

At that point! Proceeding onward, Shankar is on a debilitated leave for eight days attributable. For a physical issue supported during crossfire at the boundary.

Rather than resting at the medical clinic, he needs to visit Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. To see his mom before going through an eye medical procedure.

Throughout his excursion from ‘Kashmir to Kanyakumari,’ he experiences different detours; however, how he officers on is what is the issue here.

Shankar meets a young lady, Pramila (Megha Akash). Who his mom needs him to wed. A vlogger Meera (Palomi Ghosh), assumes a vital part in rerouting Shankar’s excursion.

Given that Shankar needs to report back at his military base in Srinagar. How he figures out how to finish all the obligations en route. Still, figuring out how to make it back as expected is what keeps you contributed.

What you will like about the film is its acceptable vibe factor.

It keeps you grinning with the least complex and littlest of things. Like Shankar lifting an older adult in his arms. So she can get a train or aiding a young lady by sharing a taxi. As she isn’t alright voyaging solo in taxis.

The chief has imbued the content with hefty feelings towards officers of the country. Which may investigate sensational and somewhat unreasonable now and again.

The film shows that a trooper’s life is tied in with serving his country. He and comrades will put their inclinations first.

While we generally talk about the solid feeling of obligation that troopers have. Satellite Shankar attempts to honor them by demonstrating. That how a whole country meets up to guarantee a jawan keeps his Sainik Shapath. Be cautious.

However, it might feel fringe jingoistic now and again.

Pancholi, who has got back to the big screen.

However, following a hole of a long time since his presentation, Hero has done his absolute best. It will not be accurate enough to say that he has been given a legitimate gallant height in this one.

Conveying the film exclusively on his shoulders, there’s even a peculiar melody to present his character.

Despite the fact that he needs to sharpen his abilities. Particularly work on his discourse conveyance, he is as sincere and true as Shankar.

Megha Akash making her Bollywood debut, is a south entertainer.

There are a blamelessness and quiet about this character. He figures out how to satisfy you with his screen presence. She is playing the role of Shankar’s affection interest.

She is adorable and peculiar, and Pancholi and Akash make a decent onscreen couple with nice science.

Palomi Ghosh has been given fair screentime; however, her character should have been written in a superior manner.

She is amped up for the work she does and somewhat screechy now and again. Yet not to the degree that it goes at you.

Music isn’t the strength of the film; however, it is nicely used to break the tedium when the film is excessively extended.

Now, altering merits notice for it certainly required a superior hand. Length of two hours 20 mins is all in all too long for a straightforward plot, for example, this.


Satellite Shankar is a charming watch that makes you delay. Think if we are doing what’s needed for our officers. Who is putting their lives in question at the boundaries so we can live securely?

Did it sound sermonizing? Truly, however that aside, you wish it was limited to the courageous stories of men in uniform.

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