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New YouTube Sensation in Town: Slaying Bro’s are rocking with Swag!



Ever wondered if an MBA guy can entertain people with his comic sense? Whether a Digital Marketer can be a YouTube video maker? Well, hold on folks, we present you two such talents who are currently a big YouTube sensation with their first-ever, super hit Video “An Interview with Kunal Ka Kaamra” You must have guessed the names?

It’s Shubham Jain & Prateek Patel of Slaying Bro’s is indeed a scintillating storm on the Internet these days. Slaying Bro’s is not only a perfect combination of comedy & intelligence but is the right ingredient to be a viral hit on YouTube.

Amidst the most creative video makers, Slaying Bro’s has successfully created its own mark in the valley of comedy. The video An Interview with Kunal Ka Kaamra in its very first attempt is already winning the hearts of million people and is gaining a lot of praise across the world.

To our wonders, the founder of Slaying Bro’s, Shubham Jain is the “King” of Digital Marketing. He is a self-made Digital Marketing expert from Delhi and has completed his MBA in Marketing. Prateek Patel is also a Digital Marketer from Delhi fascinated by the YouTube videos and urged to do something out of the box.

The current pandemic situation didn’t allow these masterpieces to sit quietly. The genius and creative minds of both Shubham & Prateek waved them into the realm of YouTube video making. Thus, Slaying Bro’s came into existence which is a prodigy whose talents excite wonder and admiration.

In August 2020, Slaying Bro’s came up with their very first video “An Interview with Kunal Ka Kaamra”. The channel received amazing responses within no time and the video becomes a viral hit on the Internet. It’s truly a dream come true moment for both, Shubham & Prateek! The video as well as the amazing responses helped them to become a star overnight. Shubham & Prateek thanked the audiences for their valuable responses and love for Slaying Bro’s.

The main aim of Slaying Bro’s is to spread happiness and fun in this Pandemic situation as well as help people to relieve stress & anxiety. The animations, perfect comic timings, the overall edits, and mainly the throw of voices are the USP of Slaying Bro’s.

Slaying Bro’s is coming up with more fun-filled, laughing videos ahead.

Stay tuned for comedy, fun and enjoy a happy blessed life!

Shubham & Prateek you ROCK!!

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